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    1 Release Overview
    2 Common Changes
    3 ICU4C Specific Changes
    4 ICU4J Specific Changes
    5 Known Issues
    6 Migration Issues
    7 ICU4C Download

Release Overview

The features for this release include support of CLDR 28 and Unicode

For more details, including migration issues, see below.

Common Changes

 • CLDR 28: For details of the many changes in CLDR, see CLDR 28.
 • Unicode data updated to Unicode 8.0: 41 new emoji characters, 5,771
   new ideographs for Chinese/Japanese/Korean, 6 new scripts, improved
   character properties data, etc.
 • ICU data size reduced by about 7.2% (1.8MB) via sharing string values
   across resource bundles. [#11537]
 • DateIntervalFormat now handles intervals with seconds, and sets
   FieldPosition more consistently. [#11706, #11726]
 • DateFormat::createInstanceForSkeleton() caches DateFormat patterns
   rather than DateTimePatternGenerator instances, for better
   performance (for cache hits) and lower heap memory consumption.
 • StringSearch (based on collation) defaults to matches on
   normalization boundaries rather than grapheme cluster boundaries,
   which yields more matches on Indic text. [#11750]
 • RuleBasedNumberFormat (spelled-out numbers) now handles rounding
   (Java only), infinity, NaN. [#11653, #11760, #8223]
 • Most of the old Normalizer/unorm.h had been replaced by (and
   reimplemented via) Normalizer2, and is now deprecated. [#7303]
 • COLON has been withdrawn as a date pattern character corresponding to
   the date field [UDAT_]TIME_SEPARATOR_FIELD; there is currently no
   pattern character corresponding to that field. [#11773]
 • Support for locale key "cf" to specify currency format style, and
   interaction with NumberFormat values for UNumberFormatStyle: [#11787]
     ◦ For NumberFormat style UNUM_CURRENCY / CURRENCYSTYLE, the default
       is "standard" currency style (typically using minus sign for
       negative numbers), but the new locale key "cf" may be used with
       values "standard" or "account" to specify currency format style
       ("account" indicates accounting style, often using parentheses
       for negative numbers).
     ◦ For other NumberFormat styles, the locale key "cf" is ignored
       (they override the locale preference):
     ◦ A new NumberFormat style is availble to explicitly specify
       standard style, ignoring the  the locale key "cf"

ICU4C Specific Changes

 • C API support for CompactDecimalFormat via UNumberFormatStyle
 • Larger UnicodeString object stores more characters inside the object
   without heap allocation; the UnicodeString object size is now
   build-time-configurable. [#11551]
     ◦ On 64-bit machines, increase from object size 40 bytes with 15
       internal UChars to a new default of 64 bytes with 27 UChars.
 • Some C++ classes now have swap() and moveFrom() methods, and support
   C++11 move semantics on compilers that support them. [#10086]
     ◦ UnicodeString, LocalPointer, LocalArray
 • DecimalFormat code refactored to fix bugs, improve maintainability,
   and improve performance. [#10458]
 • New FilteredBreakIterator suppresses certain segment boundaries. For
   example, it can suppress the sentence boundary in the middle of "Mr.
   Smith". [#11248]
 • The internal, shared cache has been changed from unbounded to
   bounded. [#11767]
 • For [U]BreakIterator with type UBRK_SENTENCE, the locale key "ss" can
   now be used with value "standard" to specify that standard sentence
   break suppression data should be used, or with value "none" to
   indicate that no break suppression data should be used (the default).
 • Collator: first-time startup time improved 20% due to precalculated
   unsafe-backward table [#11886]
 • A number of memory leaks and buffer overruns have been fixed based on
   static code analysis, mostly in data build tools.

ICU4J Specific Changes


Known Issues

 • ICU4C 56 does not compile under Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 (#11822)

Migration Issues

 • There are details on migration issues that may result from CLDR
   changes on CLDR 28 Migration.
 • COLON has been withdrawn as a date pattern character corresponding to
   the date field [UDAT_]TIME_SEPARATOR_FIELD; there is currently no
   pattern character corresponding to that field.

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