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Notice that we are using the development version. Keep this paragraph in the tickets, so that we can pass to use only stable, as soon as 11.2.0 (?) is released.

Apologies if it was my mistake (perhaps, this aplogy paragraph could be removed in the future tickets).

Friday October 23rd, 2015

Sysstat 11.1.8 released (development version).
Sysstat 11.0.8 released (stable version).

This development version adds color support for pidstat, tapestat and
cifsiostat commands. All sysstat commands now support smart output
colorization for easier statistics reading. It's also possible to
customize the colors with the S_COLORS_SGR environment variable. Read
the manual pages to know how to use it. Enjoy!

or at

2015/10/23: Version 11.1.8 - Sebastien Godard (sysstat <at>
	* Add support for color customization.
	* Add color support for pidstat, tapestat and cifsiostat commands.
	* Define values "always", "never" and "auto" for S_COLORS
	  environment variable.
	* sar: Remove exta line of statistics displayed when SIGINT is
	* Add missing va_end() statements (CID #113539, #113540, #113541,
	* Fix possible NULL pointer dereference in SREALLOC macro (CID
	  #29706) [11.0.8].
	* sadc: Fix untrusted value used as argument (CID #29720) [11.0.8].
	* sadc: Fix another insecure data handling (CID #29720).
	* sar/sadc: Set an upper limit for each kind of item that sar/sadc
	  can handle.
	* Manual pages updated for iostat, mpstat, sar, pidstat, tapestat
	  and cifsiostat commands.
	* Update librdsensors.a target in Makefile [11.0.8].

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Fixed at r16570.

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