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1. Mercurial 3.6 (2015-11-1)

Regularly scheduled feature release.

1.1. commands

  • bookmark: do not crash when active bookmark is forward and --date is
  • bookmarks: don't deactivate on no-op update (issue4901)
  • clone: fix updaterev to update to latest branch changeset
  • clonebundles: support for seeding clones from pre-generated bundles
  • commit: abort when a committemplate is not changed (BC)
  • help: distinguish sections when multiple match (issue4802)
  • help: pass around ui to doc loader (API)
  • help: pass around ui to rewriter hooks (API)
  • merge: perform all premerges before any merges (BC)
  • merge: abort on file/directory case folding collisions (issue4892)
  • phases: return zero for no-op operations (issue4751) (BC)
  • resolve: perform all premerges before performing any file merges

1.2. core

  • cmdutil: make in-memory changes visible to external editor
  • cmdutil: stop tryimportone from using dirstateguard (BC)
  • context: don't hex encode all unknown 20 char revision specs
  • dirstate: batch calls to statfiles (issue4878)
  • parsers: fix infinite loop or out-of-bound read in fm1readmarkers
  • revlog: add an aggressivemergedelta option
  • revlog: change generaldelta delta parent heuristic
  • revset: do not fall through to revspec for literal: branch
  • revsets: makes follow() supports file patterns (issue4757) (BC)
  • templater: add new docheader/footer components for XML (issue4135)
  • templater: create string unescape helper (issue4798)
  • templater: do not pre-evaluate generator keyword at runsymbol
  • templater: introduce {latesttag()} function to match a pattern
  • templater: switch ctx of list expression to rev of revset() (BC)
  • ui: change default path fallback mechanism (issue4796)
  • util: use tuple accessor to get accurate st_mtime value (issue4836)
  • wireproto: properly parse false boolean args (BC)

1.3. extensions

  • histedit: use one editor when multiple folds happen in a row
    (issue3524) (BC)
  • largefiles: better handling of merge of largefiles that are not
  • mq: generate patch names from first line of description
  • rebase: avoid losing branch commits with --keepbranch (issue4835)
  • rebase: fix warning about ignoring tool option on rebase continue
  • rebase: fix wrong 'no changes to commit' when using --collapse
  • rebase: on abort delete rebase state file no matter what
  • rebase: properly abort when destination is public (issue4896)
  • rebase: properly handle chains of markers with missing nodes
  • shelve: bundle using bundle2 if repository is general delta
  • shelve: delete shelve statefile on any exception during abort
  • shelve: restore shelved dirstate explicitly after aborting
  • shelve: restore unshelved dirstate explicitly after aborting

1.4. hgweb

  • hgweb: consume generator inside context manager (issue4756)
  • hgweb: ensure both foreground and background colors are specified
  • hgweb: overwrite cwd to resolve file patterns relative to repo

1.5. unsorted

  • builddeb: actually run make when building the deb (issue4778)
  • buildrpm: mkdir -p two needed directories (issue4779)
  • bundle2: don't try to recover from a GeneratorExit (issue4785)
  • bundle: extend the format of --type to support version and
  • debian: install bash completion as hg and not mercurial (issue4900)
  • debian: install hgk as part of mercurial-common (issue4829)
  • dispatch: error out on invalid -R path even if optionalrepo
    (issue4805) (BC)
  • dispatch: stop warning about EPIPE in --debug mode
  • graphmod: compute slow revset query once prior to reachableroots
  • highlight: add highlightfiles config option which takes a fileset
  • highlight: add option to prevent content-only based fallback
  • highlight: exit early on textual and unknown files (issue3005)
  • incoming: request a bundle2 when possible (BC)
  • localrepo: recreate phasecache if changelog was modified (issue4855)
  • lock: loop a finite number of times in trylock (issue4787)
  • mercurial: add debugextensions command (issue4676)
  • minirst: don't treat top level item as children of last item
  • notify: fix fromauthor setting for 'incoming' hook type (issue4194)
  • posix: shellquote do not require quoting for "+" (issue4818)
  • reachableroots: verify integer range of heads argument (issue4775)
  • revpair: restrict odd-range handling to top-level x:y expression
  • revrange: drop old-style parser in favor of revset (API)
  • test-merge-tools: include /usr/sbin in path for sysctl (issue4813)
  • traceback: allow providing a local support contact point
  • treemanifest: rework lazy-copying code (issue4840)
  • windows: read all global config files, not just the first
    (issue4491) (BC)
  • worker: restore old countcpus code (issue4869)

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