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Have worked on this since yesterday, creating with myself as owner. There are 6 failed tests.

Announcement with Changelog for 1.1.1:

Complete Changelog, although jumps from to 1.1.0-rc1 to 1.1.0, has already one entry for 1.1.2 (unreleased), related to WAYLAND. Fortunately, Bruce gave last Changelog date, when creating the ticket for 1.1.0-rc3: The last change in the Changelog is dated 2014.10.09. Thus, including everything after that date until 1.1.1 (there are new entries afterwords:


[Portland] 1.1.1 released
Per Olofsson pelle at
Mon Oct 5 12:23:47 PDT 2015


I just released xdg-utils 1.1.1.


=== xdg-utils 1.1.1 ===

2015-10-05 Per Olofsson <pelle at>
   • xdg-screensaver: Run 'xset -dpms' and then 'xset +dpms' to reset
     the DPMS timer. Thanks to Stephen Thomas for the idea.  (Debian bug
   • xdg-open: Fix regression in generic mode (wrong variable name)
     which prevented files from being opened using the desktop
     file/mimeapps.list mechanism.
   • xdg-open: Add proper quoting so that files with spaces in their
     names can be opened in generic mode and LXDE. (Debian bug #801048)


=== xdg-utils 1.1.0 ===

2015-10-04 Per Olofsson <>
   • Add references to specifications to the manuals. (Debian bug
   • xdg-email: Remove obsolete references to from the manual.

2015-10-03 Per Olofsson <>
   • xdg-email: Rewrite open_kde()
   • xdg-open: Only strip queries (?) and fragments (#) from file URLs
     before decoding them, not from (decoded) paths. Otherwise we can't
     open files with hash or question marks in their names. (Debian bug

2015-09-27 Per Olofsson <>
   • xdg-settings: Detect generic DE instead of failing. (Debian bug
   • xdg-settings: Add a proper generic mode.

2015-09-26 Per Olofsson <>
   • xdg-mime: Check ~/.config/mimeapps.list instead of
     ~/.config/applications/mimeapps.list when looking for default
   • xdg-open: Fall back to generic mode if gvfs-open and gnome-open are
     missing. Don't try to use gnome-open if running under GNOME 3 or
     Cinnamon. (Debian bug #685304)
   • xdg-open, xdg-email: Add iceweasel to the list of fallback
     browsers.  (Debian bug #788047)

2015-09-25 Per Olofsson <>
   • xdg-utils-common: Add support for $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP value
     X-Generic.  When set, xdg-utils will pretend that it is running
     under a generic DE which can be useful for debugging purposes.

2015-09-23 Per Olofsson <>
   • xdg-open: Percent-decode file:// URLs in open_lxde and add
     testcase.  (BR89654)

2015-09-22 Per Olofsson <>
   • Add a fully automated (non-interactive) test suite (under
     development).  Run it using "make autotest".
   • xdg-screensaver: Use the DBus API from a Perl script to inhibit
     gnome-screensaver. This is necessary since the SimulateUserActivity
     call is not implemented. Calling Inhibit using dbus-send does not
     work either since gnome-screensaver watches the pid of the calling
     process and dbus-send exits immediately. Distributions are advised
     to make xdg-utils depend on the Perl modules Net::DBus and
     X11::Protocol. Thanks to Ben Hutchings for writing the Perl script.
   • xdg-email: Add support for the $MAILER environment variable.
   • xdg-open: Add support for running without X.
   • xdg-open: Try www-browser first of the non-X browsers. (www-browser
     is a symlink to the preferred non-X browser in Debian.)
   • xdg-icon-resource: Don't try to install anything into empty

2015-09-20 Per Olofsson <>
   • xdg-open: Try $BROWSER first in generic mode if it is set by the

2015-09-18 Rex Dieter <>
   • xdg-email: Recipients passed to Thunderbird are incorrectly quoted

2015-09-16 Rex Dieter <>
   • xdg-screensaver support for xautolock (BR89655)
   • xdg-icon-resource: does not support filenames with spaces (BR91758)
   • xdg-open: Add support for multi-word $BROWSER commands (BR91989)
   • xdg-open shell script contains bash code (BR86028)
   • xdg-email: bashism: relies on bash's echo in run_thunderbird()
   • xdg-email: Icedove support (BR91997)
   • xdg-email: generic mode does nothing (BR92008)

2015-07-15 Rex Dieter <>
   • better for other (non-gnome) GVfs-based desktops, from Yaakov
     Selkowitz <>

2015-07-01 Rex Dieter <>
   • xdg-email: generic check for assigned mailto (BR79929)

2015-04-13 Rex Dieter <>
   • xdg-mime: search mimeinfo.cache in $xdg_user_dir too (BR31629)

2015-04-06 Rex Dieter <>
   • xdg-open: does not exit if it does not recognize the mimetype

2015-04-04 Rex Dieter <>
   • xdg-desktop-menu:  does not support filenames with spaces (BR66605)

2015-03-23 Rex Dieter <>
   • xdg-open:  fix regression where & gets replaced with \\& in URLs

2015-03-02 Rex Dieter <>
   • xdg-email: thunderbird launch in xdg-email in gnome3 fails

2015-02-24 Lionel Orry <>
   • xdg-mime: do not report multiple desktop files (BR60329)

2015-02-20 Rex Dieter <>
   • xdg-open: safer xdg-open (BR89130), inspired by patch from Vincent
     Bernat <>

2015-01-19 Rex Dieter <>
   • xdg-open: better fix for command injection vulnerability (BR66670)
   • xdg-open is extremely slow because get_key executes grep
     unnecessarily (BR88524)

2015-01-15 Reuben Thomas <>
   • xdg-mime: dereference symlinks when using mimetype or file
   • xdg-screensaver: Change screensaver_freedesktop's interpretation of
     GetActive (BR29859)

2015-01-05 Rex Dieter <>
   • xdg-open: command injection vulnerability (BR66670)

2015-01-04 Rex Dieter <>
   • xdg-screensaver should control X11's screensaver in xfce as
     fallback (BR80089)

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xdg-utils git repository is at freedesktop.

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Changed to high, because it is fixing vulnerabilities.

comment:3 by Fernando de Oliveira, 7 years ago

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Fixed at r16646.

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