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Samba 4.3.2 Available for Download

                   Release Notes for Samba 4.3.2
                         December 01, 2015

This is the latest stable release of Samba 4.3.

Changes since 4.3.1:

o   Michael Adam <>
    • BUG 11577: ctdb: Open the RO tracking db with perms 0600 instead
      of 0000.

o   Jeremy Allison <>
    • BUG 11452: s3-smbd: Fix old DOS client doing wildcard delete -
      gives an attribute type of zero.
    • BUG 11565: auth: gensec: Fix a memory leak.
    • BUG 11566: lib: util: Make non-critical message a warning.
    • BUG 11589: s3: smbd: If EAs are turned off on a share don't allow
      an SMB2 create containing them.
    • BUG 11615: s3: smbd: have_file_open_below() fails to enumerate
      open files below an open directory handle.

o   Ralph Boehme <>
    • BUG 11562: s4:lib/messaging: Use correct path for names.tdb.
    • BUG 11564: async_req: Fix non-blocking connect().

o   Volker Lendecke <>
    • BUG 11243: vfs_gpfs: Re-enable share modes.
    • BUG 11570: smbd: Send SMB2 oplock breaks unencrypted.
    • BUG 11612: winbind: Fix crash on invalid idmap configs.

o   YvanM <>
    • BUG 11584: manpage: Correct small typo error.

o   Stefan Metzmacher <>
    • BUG 11327: dcerpc.idl: Accept invalid dcerpc_bind_nak pdus.
    • BUG 11581: s3:smb2_server: Make the logic of SMB2_CANCEL
      DLIST_REMOVE() clearer.

o   Marc Muehlfeld <>
    • BUG 9912: Changing log level of two entries to DBG_NOTICE.
    • BUG 11581: s3-smbd: Fix use after issue in

o   Noel Power <>
    • BUG 11569: Fix winbindd crashes with samlogon for trusted domain
    • BUG 11597: Backport some valgrind fixes from upstream master.

o   Andreas Schneider <
    • BUG 11563: Fix segfault of 'net ads (join|leave) -S INVALID' with

o   Tom Schulz <>
    • BUG 11511: Add libreplace dependency to texpect, fixes a linking
      error on Solaris.
    • BUG 11512: s4: Fix linking of 'smbtorture' on Solaris.

o   Uri Simchoni <>
    • BUG 11608: auth: Consistent handling of well-known alias as
      primary gid.

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Fixed at r16704.

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