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Python-3.5.1 (Python3-3.5.1)

Reported by: Fernando de Oliveira Owned by: Fernando de Oliveira
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Vulnerability Fixed

  • Issue #25530: Disable the vulnerable SSLv3 protocol by default when creating ssl.SSLContext.

Python-3.5.1.tar.xz MD5 Sum e9ea6f2623fffcdd871b7b19113fde80

Full Changelog

Python 3.5.1 final

Release date: 2015-12-06

Core and Builtins



  • Issue #25715: Python 3.5.1 installer shows wrong upgrade path and
    incorrect logic for launcher detection.

Python 3.5.1 release candidate 1

Release date: 2015-11-22

Core and Builtins

  • Issue #25630: Fix a possible segfault during argument parsing in
    functions that accept filesystem paths.
  • Issue #23564: Fixed a partially broken sanity check in the
    _posixsubprocess internals regarding how fds_to_pass were passed to
    the child. The bug had no actual impact as already
    avoided it.
  • Issue #25388: Fixed tokenizer crash when processing undecodable
    source code with a null byte.
  • Issue #25462: The hash of the key now is calculated only once in
    most operations in C implementation of OrderedDict.
  • Issue #22995: Default implementation of __reduce__ and __reduce_ex__
    now rejects builtin types with not defined __new__.
  • Issue #25555: Fix parser and AST: fill lineno and col_offset of
    “arg” node when compiling AST from Python objects.
  • Issue #24802: Avoid buffer overreads when int(), float(), compile(),
    exec() and eval() are passed bytes-like objects. These objects are
    not necessarily terminated by a null byte, but the functions assumed
    they were.
  • Issue #24726: Fixed a crash and leaking NULL in repr() of
    OrderedDict that was mutated by direct calls of dict methods.
  • Issue #25449: Iterating OrderedDict with keys with unstable hash now
    raises KeyError in C implementations as well as in Python
  • Issue #25395: Fixed crash when highly nested OrderedDict structures
    were garbage collected.
  • Issue #25274: sys.setrecursionlimit() now raises a RecursionError if
    the new recursion limit is too low depending at the current
    recursion depth. Modify also the “lower-water mark” formula to make
    it monotonic. This mark is used to decide when the overflowed flag
    of the thread state is reset.
  • Issue #24402: Fix input() to prompt to the redirected stdout when
    sys.stdout.fileno() fails.
  • Issue #24806: Prevent builtin types that are not allowed to be
    subclassed from being subclassed through multiple inheritance.
  • Issue #24848: Fixed a number of bugs in UTF-7 decoding of misformed
  • Issue #25280: Import trace messages emitted in verbose (-v) mode are
    no longer formatted twice.
  • Issue #25003: On Solaris 11.3 or newer, os.urandom() now uses the
    getrandom() function instead of the getentropy() function. The
    getentropy() function is blocking to generate very good quality
    entropy, os.urandom() doesn’t need such high-quality entropy.
  • Issue #25182: The stdprinter (used as sys.stderr before the io
    module is imported at startup) now uses the backslashreplace error
  • Issue #25131: Make the line number and column offset of set/dict
    literals and comprehensions correspond to the opening brace.
  • Issue #25150: Hide the private _Py_atomic_xxx symbols from the
    public Python.h header to fix a compilation error with OpenMP.
    PyThreadState_GET() becomes an alias to PyThreadState_Get() to avoid
    ABI incompatibilies.


  • Issue #25626: Change three zlib functions to accept sizes that fit
    in Py_ssize_t, but internally cap those sizes to UINT_MAX. This
    resolves a regression in 3.5 where failed to read
    chunks larger than 2 or 4 GiB. The change affects the
    zlib.Decompress.decompress() max_length parameter, the
    zlib.decompress() bufsize parameter, and the zlib.Decompress.flush()
    length parameter.
  • Issue #25583: Avoid incorrect errors raised by
    os.makedirs(exist_ok=True) when the OS gives priority to errors such
    as EACCES over EEXIST.
  • Issue #25593: Change semantics of EventLoop.stop() in asyncio.
  • Issue #6973: When we know a subprocess.Popen process has died, do
    not allow the send_signal(), terminate(), or kill() methods to do
    anything as they could potentially signal a different process.
  • Issue #25590: In the Readline completer, only call getattr() once
    per attribute.
  • Issue #25498: Fix a crash when garbage-collecting ctypes objects
    created by wrapping a memoryview. This was a regression made in
    3.5a1. Based on patch by Eryksun.
  • Issue #25584: Added “escape” to the __all__ list in the glob module.
  • Issue #25584: Fixed recursive glob() with patterns starting with
  • Issue #25446: Fix regression in smtplib’s AUTH LOGIN support.
  • Issue #18010: Fix the pydoc web server’s module search function to
    handle exceptions from importing packages.
  • Issue #25554: Got rid of circular references in regular expression
  • Issue #25510: fileinput.FileInput.readline() now returns b’’ instead
    of ‘’ at the end if the FileInput was opened with binary mode. Patch
    by Ryosuke Ito.
  • Issue #25503: Fixed inspect.getdoc() for inherited docstrings of
    properties. Original patch by John Mark Vandenberg.
  • Issue #25515: Always use os.urandom as a source of randomness in
  • Issue #21827: Fixed textwrap.dedent() for the case when largest
    common whitespace is a substring of smallest leading whitespace.
    Based on patch by Robert Li.
  • Issue #25447: The lru_cache() wrapper objects now can be copied and
    pickled (by returning the original object unchanged).
  • Issue #25390: typing: Don’t crash on Union[str, Pattern].
  • Issue #25441: asyncio: Raise error from drain() when socket is
  • Issue #25410: Cleaned up and fixed minor bugs in C implementation of
  • Issue #25411: Improved Unicode support in SMTPHandler through better
    use of the email package. Thanks to user simon04 for the patch.
  • Issue #25407: Remove mentions of the formatter module being removed
    in Python 3.6.
  • Issue #25406: Fixed a bug in C implementation of
    OrderedDict.move_to_end() that caused segmentation fault or hang in
    iterating after moving several items to the start of ordered dict.
  • Issue #25364: zipfile now works in threads disabled builds.
  • Issue #25328: smtpd’s SMTPChannel now correctly raises a ValueError
    if both decode_data and enable_SMTPUTF8 are set to true.
  • Issue #25316: distutils raises OSError instead of
    DistutilsPlatformError when MSVC is not installed.
  • Issue #25380: Fixed protocol for the STACK_GLOBAL opcode in
  • Issue #23972: Updates asyncio datagram create method allowing
    reuseport and reuseaddr socket options to be set prior to binding
    the socket. Mirroring the existing asyncio create_server method the
    reuseaddr option for datagram sockets defaults to True if the O/S is
    ‘posix’ (except if the platform is Cygwin). Patch by Chris Laws.
  • Issue #25304: Add asyncio.run_coroutine_threadsafe(). This lets you
    submit a coroutine to a loop from another thread, returning a
    concurrent.futures.Future. By Vincent Michel.
  • Issue #25232: Fix CGIRequestHandler to split the query from the URL
    at the first question mark (?) rather than the last. Patch from
    Xiang Zhang.
  • Issue #24657: Prevent CGIRequestHandler from collapsing slashes in
    the query part of the URL as if it were a path. Patch from Xiang
  • Issue #24483: C implementation of functools.lru_cache() now
    calculates key’s hash only once.
  • Issue #22958: Constructor and update method of
    weakref.WeakValueDictionary now accept the self and the dict keyword
  • Issue #22609: Constructor of collections.UserDict now accepts the
    self keyword argument.
  • Issue #25111: Fixed comparison of traceback.FrameSummary.
  • Issue #25262. Added support for BINBYTES8 opcode in Python
    implementation of unpickler. Highest 32 bits of 64-bit size for
    BINUNICODE8 and BINBYTES8 opcodes no longer silently ignored on
    32-bit platforms in C implementation.
  • Issue #25034: Fix string.Formatter problem with auto-numbering and
    nested format_specs. Patch by Anthon van der Neut.
  • Issue #25233: Rewrite the guts of asyncio.Queue and
    asyncio.Semaphore to be more understandable and correct.
  • Issue #25203: Failed readline.set_completer_delims() no longer left
    the module in inconsistent state.
  • Issue #23600: Default implementation of tzinfo.fromutc() was
    returning wrong results in some cases.
  • Issue #23329: Allow the ssl module to be built with older versions
    of LibreSSL.
  • Prevent overflow in _Unpickler_Read.
  • Issue #25047: The XML encoding declaration written by Element Tree
    now respects the letter case given by the user. This restores the
    ability to write encoding names in uppercase like “UTF-8”, which
    worked in Python 2.
  • Issue #25135: Make deque_clear() safer by emptying the deque before
    clearing. This helps avoid possible reentrancy issues.
  • Issue #19143: platform module now reads Windows version from
    kernel32.dll to avoid compatibility shims.
  • Issue #25092: Fix datetime.strftime() failure when errno was already
    set to EINVAL.
  • Issue #23517: Fix rounding in fromtimestamp() and utcfromtimestamp()
    methods of datetime.datetime: microseconds are now rounded to
    nearest with ties going to nearest even integer (ROUND_HALF_EVEN),
    instead of being rounding towards minus infinity (ROUND_FLOOR). It’s
    important that these methods use the same rounding mode than
    datetime.timedelta to keep the property: (datetime(1970,1,1) +
    timedelta(seconds=t)) == datetime.utcfromtimestamp(t). It also the
    rounding mode used by round(float) for example.
  • Issue #25155: Fix and
    datetime.datetime.utcnow() on Windows to support date after year
    2038. It was a regression introduced in Python 3.5.0.
  • Issue #25108: Omitted internal frames in traceback functions
    print_stack(), format_stack(), and extract_stack() called without
  • Issue #25118: Fix a regression of Python 3.5.0 in os.waitpid() on
  • Issue #24684: socket.socket.getaddrinfo() now calls
    PyUnicode_AsEncodedString() instead of calling the encode() method
    of the host, to handle correctly custom string with an encode()
    method which doesn’t return a byte string. The encoder of the IDNA
    codec is now called directly instead of calling the encode() method
    of the string.
  • Issue #25060: Correctly compute stack usage of the BUILD_MAP opcode.
  • Issue #24857: Comparing call_args to a long sequence now correctly
    returns a boolean result instead of raising an exception. Patch by A
  • Issue #23144: Make sure that HTMLParser.feed() returns all the data,
    even when convert_charrefs is True.
  • Issue #24982: shutil.make_archive() with the “zip” format now adds
    entries for directories (including empty directories) in ZIP file.
  • Issue #25019: Fixed a crash caused by setting non-string key of
    expat parser. Based on patch by John Leitch.
  • Issue #16180: Exit pdb if file has syntax error, instead of trapping
    user in an infinite loop. Patch by Xavier de Gaye.
  • Issue #24891: Fix a race condition at Python startup if the file
    descriptor of stdin (0), stdout (1) or stderr (2) is closed while
    Python is creating sys.stdin, sys.stdout and sys.stderr objects.
    These attributes are now set to None if the creation of the object
    failed, instead of raising an OSError exception. Initial patch
    written by Marco Paolini.
  • Issue #24992: Fix error handling and a race condition (related to
    garbage collection) in collections.OrderedDict constructor.
  • Issue #24881: Fixed setting binary mode in Python implementation of
    FileIO on Windows and Cygwin. Patch from Akira Li.
  • Issue #25578: Fix (another) memory leak in SSLSocket.getpeercer().
  • Issue #25530: Disable the vulnerable SSLv3 protocol by default when
    creating ssl.SSLContext.
  • Issue #25569: Fix memory leak in SSLSocket.getpeercert().
  • Issue #25471: Sockets returned from accept() shouldn’t appear to be
  • Issue #25319: When threading.Event is reinitialized, the underlying
    condition should use a regular lock rather than a recursive lock.
  • Issue #21112: Fix regression in unittest.expectedFailure on
    subclasses. Patch from Berker Peksag.
  • Issue #24764: cgi.FieldStorage.read_multi() now ignores the
    Content-Length header in part headers. Patch written by Peter Landry
    and reviewed by Pierre Quentel.
  • Issue #24913: Fix overrun error in deque.index(). Found by John
    Leitch and Bryce Darling.
  • Issue #24774: Fix docstring in http.server.test. Patch from
    Chiu-Hsiang Hsu.
  • Issue #21159: Improve message in
    configparser.InterpolationMissingOptionError. Patch from Łukasz
  • Issue #20362: Honour TestCase.longMessage correctly in assertRegex.
    Patch from Ilia Kurenkov.
  • Issue #23572: Fixed functools.singledispatch on classes with falsy
    metaclasses. Patch by Ethan Furman.
  • asyncio: ensure_future() now accepts awaitable objects.


  • Issue 15348: Stop the debugger engine (normally in a user process)
    before closing the debugger window (running in the IDLE process).
    This prevents the RuntimeErrors that were being caught and ignored.
  • Issue #24455: Prevent IDLE from hanging when a) closing the shell
    while the debugger is active (15347); b) closing the debugger with
    the [X] button (15348); and c) activating the debugger when already
    active (24455). The patch by Mark Roseman does this by making two
    changes. 1. Suspend and resume the gui.interaction method with the
    tcl vwait mechanism intended for this purpose (instead of
    root.mainloop & .quit). 2. In, allow any existing
    interaction to terminate first.
  • Change ‘The program’ to ‘Your program’ in an IDLE ‘kill program?’
    message to make it clearer that the program referred to is the
    currently running user program, not IDLE itself.
  • Issue #24750: Improve the appearance of the IDLE editor window
    status bar. Patch by Mark Roseman.
  • Issue #25313: Change the handling of new built-in text color themes
    to better address the compatibility problem introduced by the
    addition of IDLE Dark. Consistently use the revised
    idleConf.CurrentTheme everywhere in idlelib.
  • Issue #24782: Extension configuration is now a tab in the IDLE
    Preferences dialog rather than a separate dialog. The former tabs
    are now a sorted list. Patch by Mark Roseman.
  • Issue #22726: Re-activate the config dialog help button with some
    content about the other buttons and the new IDLE Dark theme.
  • Issue #24820: IDLE now has an ‘IDLE Dark’ built-in text color theme.
    It is more or less IDLE Classic inverted, with a cobalt blue
    background. Strings, comments, keywords, ... are still green, red,
    orange, ... . To use it with IDLEs released before November 2015,
    hit the ‘Save as New Custom Theme’ button and enter a new name, such
    as ‘Custom Dark’. The custom theme will work with any IDLE release,
    and can be modified.
  • Issue #25224: README.txt is now an idlelib index for IDLE developers
    and curious users. The previous user content is now in the IDLE doc
    chapter. ‘IDLE’ now means ‘Integrated Development and Learning
  • Issue #24820: Users can now set breakpoint colors in Settings ->
    Custom Highlighting. Original patch by Mark Roseman.
  • Issue #24972: Inactive selection background now matches active
    selection background, as configured by users, on all systems. Found
    items are now always highlighted on Windows. Initial patch by Mark
  • Issue #24570: Idle: make calltip and completion boxes appear on Macs
    affected by a tk regression. Initial patch by Mark Roseman.
  • Issue #24988: Idle ScrolledList context menus (used in debugger) now
    work on Mac Aqua. Patch by Mark Roseman.
  • Issue #24801: Make right-click for context menu work on Mac Aqua.
    Patch by Mark Roseman.
  • Issue #25173: Associate tkinter messageboxes with a specific widget.
    For Mac OSX, make them a ‘sheet’. Patch by Mark Roseman.
  • Issue #25198: Enhance the initial html viewer now used for Idle
    Help. * Properly indent fixed-pitch text (patch by Mark Roseman). *
    Give code snippet a very Sphinx-like light blueish-gray background.
    * Re-use initial width and height set by users for shell and editor.
    * When the Table of Contents (TOC) menu is used, put the section
    header at the top of the screen.
  • Issue #25225: Condense and rewrite Idle doc section on text colors.
  • Issue #21995: Explain some differences between IDLE and console
  • Issue #22820: Explain need for print when running file from Idle
  • Issue #25224: Doc: augment Idle feature list and no-subprocess
  • Issue #25219: Update doc for Idle command line options. Some were
    missing and notes were not correct.
  • Issue #24861: Most of idlelib is private and subject to change. Use
    idleib.idle.* to start Idle. See idlelib.__init__.__doc__.
  • Issue #25199: Idle: add synchronization comments for future
  • Issue #16893: Replace help.txt with help.html for Idle doc display.
    The new idlelib/help.html is rstripped
    Doc/build/html/library/idle.html. It looks better than help.txt and
    will better document Idle as released. The tkinter html viewer that
    works for this file was written by Mark Roseman. The now unused
    EditorWindow.HelpDialog class and helt.txt file are deprecated.
  • Issue #24199: Deprecate unused idlelib.idlever with possible removal
    in 3.6.
  • Issue #24790: Remove extraneous code (which also create 2 & 3


  • Issue #12067: Rewrite Comparisons section in the Expressions chapter
    of the language reference. Some of the details of comparing mixed
    types were incorrect or ambiguous. NotImplemented is only relevant
    at a lower level than the Expressions chapter. Added details of
    comparing range() objects, and default behaviour and consistency
    suggestions for user-defined classes. Patch from Andy Maier.
  • Issue #24952: Clarify the default size argument of stack_size() in
    the “threading” and “_thread” modules. Patch from Mattip.
  • Issue #23725: Overhaul tempfile docs. Note deprecated status of
    mktemp. Patch from Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek.
  • Issue #24808: Update the types of some PyTypeObject fields. Patch by
    Joseph Weston.
  • Issue #22812: Fix unittest discovery examples. Patch from Pam


  • Issue #25449: Added tests for OrderedDict subclasses.
  • Issue #25099: Make test_compileall not fail when an entry on
    sys.path cannot be written to (commonly seen in administrative
    installs on Windows).
  • Issue #23919: Prevents assert dialogs appearing in the test suite.
  • PCbuild\rt.bat now accepts an unlimited number of arguments to pass
    along to Previously there was a limit of 9.


  • Issue #24915: Add LLVM support for PGO builds and use the test suite
    to generate the profile data. Initial patch by Alecsandru Patrascu
    of Intel.
  • Issue #24910: Windows MSIs now have unique display names.
  • Issue #24986: It is now possible to build Python on Windows without
    errors when external libraries are not available.


  • Issue #25450: Updates shortcuts to start Python in installation
  • Issue #25164: Changes default all-users install directory to match
    per-user directory.
  • Issue #25143: Improves installer error messages for unsupported
  • Issue #25163: Display correct directory in installer when using
    non-default settings.
  • Issue #25361: Disables use of SSE2 instructions in Windows 32-bit
  • Issue #25089: Adds logging to installer for case where launcher is
    not selected on upgrade.
  • Issue #25165: Windows uninstallation should not remove launcher if
    other versions remain
  • Issue #25112: py.exe launcher is missing icons
  • Issue #25102: Windows installer does not precompile for -O or -OO.
  • Issue #25081: Makes Back button in installer go back to upgrade page
    when upgrading.
  • Issue #25091: Increases font size of the installer.
  • Issue #25126: Clarifies that the non-web installer will download
    some components.
  • Issue #25213: Restores requestedExecutionLevel to manifest to
    disable UAC virtualization.
  • Issue #25022: Removed very outdated PC/example_nt/ directory.


  • Issue #25440: Fix output of python-config –extension-suffix.

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