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New point version. 3690b3cc991b7dfd22aea9e1264a11b9

Changes with Apache 2.4.18

  *) mod_ssl: for all ssl_engine_vars.c lookups, fall back to master connection
     if conn_rec itself holds no valid SSLConnRec*. Fixes PR58666.
     [Stefan Eissing]

  *) mod_http2: connection level window for flow control is set to protocol
     maximum of 2GB-1, preventing window exhaustion when sending data on many
     streams with higher cumulative window size. 
     Reducing write frequency unless push promises need to be flushed.
     [Stefan Eissing]
  *) mod_http2: required minimum version of libnghttp2 is 1.2.1
     [Stefan Eissing]
  *) mod_proxy_fdpass: Fix AH01153 error when using the default configuration.
     In earlier version of httpd, you can explicitelly set the 'flusher' parameter
     to 'flush' as a workaround. (i.e. flusher=flush)
     Add documentation for the 'flusher' parameter when defining a proxy worker.
     [Christophe Jaillet]

  *) mod_ssl: For the "SSLStaplingReturnResponderErrors off" case, make sure
     to only staple responses with certificate status "good". [Kaspar Brand]

  *) mod_http2: new directive 'H2PushPriority' to allow priority specifications
     on server pushed streams according to their content-type. 
     [Stefan Eissing]
  *) mod_http2: fixes crash on connection abort for a busy connection.
     fixes crash on a request that did not produce any response.
     [Stefan Eissing]

  *) mod_http2: trailers are sent after reponse body if set in request_rec
     trailers_out before the end-of-request bucket is sent through the 
     output filters. [Stefan Eissing]

  *) mod_http2: incoming trailers (headers after request body) are properly
     forwarded to the processing engine. [Stefan Eissing]

  *) mod_http2: new directive 'H2Push' to en-/disable HTTP/2 server
     pushes a server/virtual host. Pushes are initiated by the presence
     of 'Link:' headers with relation 'preload' on a response. [Stefan Eissing]
  *) mod_http2: write performance of http2 improved for larger resources,
     especially static files. [Stefan Eissing]
  *) core: if the first HTTP/1.1 request on a connection goes to a server that
     prefers different protocols, these protocols are announced in a Upgrade:
     header on the response, mentioning the preferred protocols.
     [Stefan Eissing]
  *) mod_http2: new directives 'H2TLSWarmUpSize' and 'H2TLSCoolDownSecs'
     to control TLS record sizes during connection lifetime.
     [Stefan Eissing]
  *) mod_http2: new directive 'H2ModernTLSOnly' to enforce security
     requirements of RFC 7540 on TLS connections. [Stefan Eissing]
  *) core: add ap_get_protocol_upgrades() to retrieve the list of protocols
     that a client could possibly upgrade to. Use in first request on a 
     connection to announce protocol choices. [Stefan Eissing]

  *) mod_http2: reworked deallocation on connection shutdown and worker
     abort. Separate parent pool for all workers. worker threads are joined
     on planned worker shutdown. [Yann Ylavic, Stefan Eissing]
  *) mod_ssl: when receiving requests for other virtual hosts than the handshake
     server, the SSL parameters are checked for equality. With equal 
     configuration, requests are passed for processing. Any change will trigger
     the old behaviour of "421 Misdirected Request".
     SSL now remembers the cipher suite that was used for the last handshake.
     This is compared against for any vhost/directory cipher specification. 
     Detailed examination of renegotiation is only done when these do not
     Renegotiation is 403ed when a master connection is present. Exact reason
     is given additionally in a request note. [Stefan Eissing]

  *) core: Fix scoreboard crash (SIGBUS) on hardware requiring strict 64bit
     alignment (SPARC64, PPC64).  [Yann Ylavic]

  *) mod_cache: Accept HT (Horizontal Tab) when parsing cache related header
     fields as described in RFC7230. [Christophe Jaillet]

  *) core/util_script: making REDIRECT_URL a full URL is now opt-in
     via new 'QualifyRedirectURL' directive.

  *) core: Limit to ten the number of tolerated empty lines between request,
     and consume them before the pipelining check to avoid possible response
     delay when reading the next request without flushing.  [Yann Ylavic]

  *) mod_ssl: Extend expression parser registration to support ssl variables
     in any expression using mod_rewrite syntax "%{SSL:VARNAME}" or function
     syntax "ssl(VARNAME)". [Rainer Jung]

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I thought perhaps Pierre and Igor wish to take some of these tickets, so, giving back.

Will start working on them, one by one, and will do, if not taken before.

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I hope I can take this one too, but I want to have a look at wget and dovecot first. So leaving unassigned now.

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Fixed at r16727

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