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New point version


1.8 Series
Release 1.8.11

(release date 30-12-2015)

    • Bug 149792 - Mainpage title has wrong style in RTF [view and
    • Bug 333106 - $line param [view]
    • Bug 361814 - python: tuple assignment not recognized as variable
      initialization [view]
    • Bug 485701 - Fixes angle brackets (< and >) not escaped in HTML
      formula alt text [view]
    • Bug 578720 - [Python] Add pyw as a valid extension [view]
    • Bug 593642 - Python: STRIP_CODE_COMMENTS Doesn't work within the
      source code [view]
    • Bug 595186 - Python ignores \private tag [view]
    • Bug 606104 - Deprecated list: Wrong prefix '<globalScope>::' for
      global functions [view]
    • Bug 629249 - Incorrect "References" and "Referenced by" [view]
    • Bug 641036 - python script with #!/usr/bin/python are not
      documented correctly [view]
    • Bug 646002 - htmlonly content appears in generated XML output
      [view] and [view]
    • Bug 648865 - PYTHON: stops processing the file after encountering
      \"""" [view]
    • Bug 661814 - writeMemberNavIndex template calls static fixSpaces
    • Bug 682373 - Math does not work in LaTeX with custom header and
      footer. [view]
    • Bug 731509 - Markdown backticks not processed within Markdown
      links. [view]
    • Bug 732356 - doxygen's \param command is confused by some python
      default values [view]
    • Bug 735152 - Python: Allow undocumented "cls" parameter for class
      methods [view]
    • Bug 742715 - Unnamed structs gives: QGDict::hashAsciiKey: Invalid
      null key [view]
    • Bug 744938 - PATCH: add option to build latex without timestamps
    • Bug 745659 - The table in classes.html has no class attribute
    • Bug 746162 - formulas creating invalid HTML code [view]
    • Bug 746361 - Doxygen thinks C++ class is Objective-C [view]
    • Bug 751300 - Doxygen don't support longer key in bibtex [view]
    • Bug 751321 - \cite still rejects valid BibTeX keys [view]
    • Bug 751755 - using plantuml cause a popup "openwith" windows when
      calling java.exe [view]
    • Bug 751984 - PATCH: Honour SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH environment variable
      for reproducible output [view]
    • Bug 752657 - XML not documenting a class in python [view]
    • Bug 752658 - XML empty <argsstring/> in python [view]
    • Bug 752712 - last entry missing in a @name group of typedefs
    • Bug 752845 - Non-alphanumeric characters in Markdown links don't
      work properly [view]
    • Bug 753500 - $file when using @name is wrong [view]
    • Bug 753909 - Copy and paste of code fragment from CHM merges all
      pasted text into single line [view]
    • Bug 754130 - class="current" not applied to <li> for module tab
      within 'group__*.html' module html files [view]
    • Bug 754184 - \bug paragraph doesn't end with a new sectioning
      command [view]
    • Bug 754606 - Double anchors when using groups [view]
    • Bug 755080 - xrefitem link to list incorrect when using
      SHORT_NAMES [view]
    • Bug 755293 - Tree view pane overlaps with content tabs [view]
    • Bug 755783 - RTF output has incomplete "References" and
      "Referenced by" sections [view]
    • Bug 755786 - fatal: Cannot open 'graph_legend': No such file or
      directory [view]
    • Bug 755939 - Warning refers to incorrect line for undocumented
      member function (C++) [view]
    • Bug 756241 - Race condition in parallel DOT runs [view]
    • Bug 756604 - Unable to prevent a numbered list [view] and [view]
    • Bug 756724 - Inline markdown links don't support reference targets
      that contain ) [view]
    • Bug 757300 - Failed to document nested classes with "reference to
      array" parameters [view]
    • Bug 757621 - unclosed tag, c# generics method with where [view]
    • Bug 757812 - Doxygen do not support comparison angle bracket in
      template [view]
    • Bug 758132 - Brief description of non documented functions [view]
      and [view]
    • Bug 758495 - Bug in VHDL parser + other fixes [view]
    • Bug 758900 - C++ templated member-function appears both as public
      and private [view]
    • Bug 759177 - Markdown fenced code blocks not parsed properly in
      comment [view]
    • Bug 759247 - C++11 unified initializer for array with templates
      treated as function [view]
    • Bug 759281 - Doxygen parser confused by C++11 attributes [view]
    • Bug 759381 - unable to @ref or @link C++ templated operator
      overloads [view]
    • Bug 759622 - problems with charset using plantuml [view]
    • Actually using value of GROUP_NESTED_COMPOUNDS option [view]
    • Add RPM build for Red Hat [view]
    • Add WARN_AS_ERROR option to stop execution at first warning
      (equivalent of compilers' -Werror option) [view]
    • Add examples to LaTeX / PDF doxygen manual [view and [view]
    • Add mathjax support to template & context. [view]
    • Add support for "value" attribute in FORTRAN scanner [view]
    • Added documentation for creating tables [view]
    • Added javascript search engine data to the template context [view]
    • Added missing html resources to the html template file [view]
    • Added missing information to template version of the all members
      list [view]
    • Added support for directory dependency graphs to template engine
    • Adding compilation options for flex/lex and bison/yacc [view]
    • Adjusted used option for CLANG usage with CMake in documentation
    • Alignment in LaTeX parameter table [view]
    • Avoid using Resource::data as string, as it is not null
      terminated. [view]
    • Better handling of implicit statement in source code browser
    • Bug 149792 - Mainpage title has wrong style in RTF [view]
    • Bump version so that the GIT repo represents the version for the
      "next" release [view]
    • Cmake tries to remove directory refman.tex instead of file
      refman.tex [view]
    • Copy user EXTRA_FILES at the end to overrule files generated by
      default by doxygen [view]
    • Correct / set types for python variables [view]
    • Correcting print format error in config.l [view]
    • DO NOT hardcode x86-64 architecture. [view]
    • Don't show a console when launching doxywizard on Windows. [view]
    • Fix computeCommonDirPrefix sometimes not finding the correct
      prefix [view]
    • Fix error documentation of in flex debug script [view]
    • Fix for broken link in the manual [view]
    • Fix hexChar for inputs 0 <= i < 10 [view and [view]
    • Fix spelling in doc/commands.doc (descriptionm) [view]
    • Fix typo in function name [view and [view]
    • Fixed a couple of small memory leaks [view]
    • Fixed a number of memory leaks in the template engine [view]
    • Fixed compiler warning for MacOSX [view]
    • Fixed link issue for MacOSX 10.11 [view]
    • Fixed minor typos in comments [view]
    • Fixed preprocessor macros for flex version check [view]
    • Fixed problem with latex and PDF bookmarks [view]
    • Fixed various issues found by PVS-Studio. [view]
    • Fixes bug 485701: Angle brackets (< and >) not escaped in HTML
      formula alt text [view]
    • Fixes to support nested tables again [view]
    • Fortran module private variables and EXTRACT_PRIVATE = NO [view
      and view]
    • Improved handling of <caption> in tables for LaTeX output. [view]
    • IncludeInfo class had uninitialized member variable [view]
    • Made paragraph spacing more flexible in the LaTeX output to
      prevent page overflows [view]
    • Made several improvements to the performance of template engine
    • Make doxywizard compatible with Qt5 [view]
    • Make list of default extensions consistent with language mapping
      list [view]
    • Markdown with @cond and @endcond [view]
    • Markdown with @cond and @endcond [view]
    • Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' [view]
    • Minor change to pycode.l:codifyLines [view]
    • Moved creation of inline class documentation to separate template
      file [view]
    • RTF improvement: Example section was merged with next function
      title [view]
    • Remove obsolete py files [view]
    • Removed BOM marker from greek translator to avoid Visual C
      warnings [view]
    • Repaired breaking @include for LaTeX output [view]
    • Revert "Spelling correction for error message with USE_HTAGS
      usage" [view]
    • Revert using container-based infra as sudo is needed :-( [view]
    • Reverted change that caused doxygen to return error code 2 when it
      produced a warning [view]
    • Rework the generation of packages DEB/RPM/... (CPack) [view]
    • Right alignment of in page table of contents [view]
    • Small correction of errors in case of CSharp XML tags [view]
    • Small documentation corrections [view]
    • Spelling correction for error message with USE_HTAGS usage [view]
      and [view]
    • Started with generating LaTeX output via the template engine
    • Stop when doxygen configuration file ("Doxyfile") cannot be read
    • Support flex-2.6.0 [view] and [view]
    • Support set in code highlighting [view]
    • Template enhancements and various other small fixes [view]
    • Title in case of USE_MDFILE_AS_MAINPAGE [view]
    • Tooltip can still contain < and > signs [view]
    • Tweaked the htmlonly sections in the manual so it produces valid
      HTML output [view]
    • Undo _doxygen to libdoxygen target change [view]
    • Updated instructions to toggle debugging flex code [view]
    • Updated italian translation and translator email address [view]
    • Updated the Greek translation [view]
    • Use CPack to generate rpm/deb packages [view]
    • Use STATIC libraries to prevent them being shared [view]
    • Using tabu package for LaTeX tables [view]
    • [Bug 755225] On Windows, generated layout is with UNIX EOL [view]
    • [Doxygen-users] plugin / filter not behaving as expected [view]
    • add spaces like "Doyxgen"CN_SPC->"Doyxgen" CN_SPC [view]
    • allow building with custom iconv on Windows [view]
    • doc: generate Doxygen's documentation. [view]
    • doc: put man pages under share/man/man1 [view]
    • docparser: warn when finding a documented empty return type [view]
    • docs: add examples as a dependency of docs [view]
    • doxyapp and CLANG linking [view]
    • fixed for travis ci config file [view]
    • libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile [view]
    • rename build target _doxygen to libdoxygen [view]
    • run_translator.cmake is no longer used [view]
    • runtests: Simplify dictionary usage [view]

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