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sqlite-autoconf-3100000 (3.10.0)

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sqlite-autoconf-3100000.tar.gz (sha1: 7be6e6869d0d2d9fe3df71b5c65f065dd2325f58) (sha1: 8bb827722301c485ac0526e20c015f1b76f32542)

D. Richard Hipp | 6 Jan 20:16 2016
Version 3.10.0


Version 3.10.0 is a regularly schedule maintenance release.  There are
few new features added (see the change log above for details) and some
very obscure bug fixes.  The new binary is same size as the previous
release (rounded to three decimal places) and between 2% and 3% faster.


D. Richard Hipp
drh <at>


SQLite Release 3.10.0 On 2016-01-06

   General improvements:
 • Added support for LIKE, GLOB, and REGEXP operators on virtual tables.
 • Added the colUsed field to sqlite3_index_info for use by the
   sqlite3_module.xBestIndex method.
 • Enhance the PRAGMA cache_spill statement to accept a 32-bit integer
   parameter which is the threshold below which cache spilling is
 • On unix, if a symlink to a database file is opened, then the
   corresponding journal files are based on the actual filename, not the
   symlink name.
 • Added the "--transaction" option to sqldiff.
 • Added the sqlite3_db_cacheflush() interface.
 • Added the sqlite3_strlike() interface.
 • When using memory-mapped I/O map the database file read-only so that
   stray pointers and/or array overruns in the application cannot
   accidently modify the database file.
 • Added the experimental sqlite3_snapshot_get(),
   sqlite3_snapshot_open(), and sqlite3_snapshot_free() interfaces.
   These are subject to change or removal in a subsequent release.
 • Enhance the 'utc' modifier in the date and time functions so that it
   is a no-op if the date/time is known to already be in UTC. (This is
   not a compatibility break since the behavior has long been documented
   as "undefined" in that case.)
 • Added the json_group_array() and json_group_object() SQL functions in
   the json extension.
 • Added the SQLITE_LIKE_DOESNT_MATCH_BLOBS compile-time option.
 • Many small performance optimizations.
   Portability enhancements:
 • Work around a sign-exension bug in the optimizer of the HP C compiler
   on HP/UX. (details)
   Enhancements to the command-line shell:
 • Added the ".changes ON|OFF" and ".vfsinfo" dot-commands.
 • Translate between MBCS and UTF8 when running in cmd.exe on Windows.
   Enhancements to makefiles:
 • Added the --enable-editline and --enable-static-shell options to the
   various autoconf-generated configure scripts.
 • Omit all use of "awk" in the makefiles, to make building easier for
   MSVC users.
   Important fixes:
 • Fix inconsistent integer to floating-point comparison operations that
   could result in a corrupt index if the index is created on a table
   column that contains both large integers and floating point values of
   similar magnitude. Ticket 38a97a87a6.
 • Fix an infinite-loop in the query planner that could occur on
   malformed common table expressions.
 • Various bug fixes in the sqldiff tool.

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