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This is a place holder for NetworkManager-1.2.0, not yet released. Some of the following URLs are not working yet.

? NetworkManager-1.2.0.tar.xz

ANN: NetworkManager 1.1.90 (1.2-beta1) released

    From: Lubomir Rintel <lrintel redhat com>
    To: NetworkManager Discussions <networkmanager-list gnome org>
    Subject: ANN: NetworkManager 1.1.90 (1.2-beta1) released
    Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2016 16:35:33 +0100


I'm pleased to announce the release of NetworkManager 1.1.90 (1.2-beta1)
and the same version of nm-applet, nm-connection-editor and the VPN

This is a first pre-release version of the next NetworkManager version,
1.2.  It's been in development for over a year now and contains fair
amount of new features, bug fixes and also some extensive internal
changes.  There will be at least one pre-release before we'll do a 1.2
stable release.

At this point the code is feature complete and the essential
functionality has been tested to work well. That said, there's a lot of
testing to be done before we can do a stable release. We need your help
with that!

While it's not recommended to run the pre-release in production, we
encourage you to test the new release and report any issues you

If you are a maintainer of a Linux distribution or a tool that utilizes
NetworkManager, you're even more encouraged to try the pre-release.
NetworkManager 1.2 will be API and ABI compatible with NetworkManager
1.0.x, series (with the exception of the editor that won't load old VPN
plugins due to a symbol clash between libnm and legacy libnm-gtk).


Thanks to everyone who contributed to the development of NetworkManager
1.2 and especially those who send the bug reports. We need your help to
make NetworkManager 1.2 the best and most robust NetworkManager release



Overview of changes since NetworkManager-1.0

This is a new stable release of NetworkManager.  Notable changes

• Added an option to enable use of random MAC addresses for Wi-Fi access
  point scanning (defaults to disabled).  Controlled with
  'wifi.mac-address-randomization' property (MAC_ADDRESS_RANDOMIZATION
  key in ifcfg files).
• Wi-Fi scanning now utilizes wpa_supplicant's AP list.
• Added support for Wi-Fi powersave, configured with POWERSAVE key in
  ifcfg files.
• Added support for creation of more types of software devices: tun &
  tap, macvlan, vxlan and ip tunnels (ipip, gre, sit, ip6ip6 and ipip6).
• The software devices (bond, bridge, vlan, team, ...) can now be
  stacked arbitrarily.  The nmcli interface for creating master-slave
  relationships has been significantly improved by the use of 'master'
  argument to all link types.
• RFC7217 stable privacy addressing is now used by default to protect
  from address-based host tracking. The IPv6 addressing mode is
  configured with IPV6_ADDR_GEN_MODE key in ifcfg files.
• Improved route management code to avoid clashes between conflicting
  routes in multiple connections.
• Refactored platform code resulting in more robust interface to
  platform, less overhead and reduced memory footprint.
• Improved interoperability with other network management tools.  The
  externally created software devices are not managed until they're
• The Device instances now exist for all software connections and the
  platform devices are now only created when the device is activated.
  This makes it possible for connections with device of same name not to
  clash unless they're activated concurrently.  The links are now not
  unnecessarily present unless the connection is active, avoiding
  pollution of the link namespace.
• NetworkManager now correctly manages connectivity in namespace-based
  containers such as LXC and Docker.
• Support for configuring ethernet Wake-On-Lan has been added.
• Added LLDP listener functionality and related CLI client commands.
  Enabled via LLDP option in ifcfg files.
• CLI secret agent has been extended with support for VPN secrets.
• The command line client now utilizes colors for its output.
• The command line client now sorts the devices and properties for
  better clarity.
• Numerous improvements to Bash command completion for nmcli.
• NetworkManager relies on less external libraries.  The use of
  dbus-glib has been replaced with gio's native D-Bus support and
  libnl-route is no longer used.
• Dependency on avahi-autoipd has been dropped.  Native IPv4 link-local
  addressing configuration based on systemd network library is now used
• Hostname is now managed via systemd-hostnamed on systemd-based
• Management of resolv.conf management can be changed at runtime,
  private resolv.conf is always written in /run.
• NetworkManager can now write DNS options to resolv.conf.
• Updated version of systemd network library used for internal DHCP and
  IPv4 link-local support.
• Support for event logging via audit subsystem has been added.
• Support for native logging via systemd-journald has been added taking
  advantage of its structured logging.
• Live reconfiguration of IP configuration after changing the settings
  without reactivation of the device with "nmcli device reapply" command
  and via D-Bus API.
• The API for VPN plugins now supports multiple simultaneous
  connections.  Most popular VPN plugins have been updated to support
  this functionality.
• The libnm library now provides API to access VPN service definitions.
• Fair amount of bugs was fixed and robustness was generally improved.
• New DHCP_FQDN key in ifcfg files to configure the full FQDN to be sent
  to the DHCP servers.
• The timeout for DHCP requests can now be modified using the
  'ipv4.dhcp-timeout' property.
• Added multicast_snooping option to BRIDGING_OPTS ifcfg key.

The following features were backported to 1.0.x releases from 1.0.0 to
1.0.8 are also present in NetworkManager-1.2:

• Added support for handling VPN secrets to nmtui and nmcli agent.
• The team devices can now properly be enslaved to bridges.
• Failed DHCP attempts for assumed connections are now retried after a
• Default wired connection is now created after udev registers the
• Support for Bluetooth DUN devices with Bluez 5 has been fixed.
• The 'ipv6.ignore-auto-dns' property is now properly honored making it
  possible to override automatically obtained name servers.
• Invalid permanent MAC addresses as reported by some devices are now
• Device links reported by more recent versions of Linux kernel that
  reside in different network namespaces are no longer confused with
  links in the namespace NetworkManager runs in.
• MAC address changes of bond or team devices are now properly
  propagated to VLANs created on the device.
• Fixed error handling for teaming devices with invalid configuration.
• Wi-Fi AP list is now updated correctly after AP mode has been used.
• The error handling for VPN secret agents is now significantly more
• Detection of s390 CTC devices now works properly.
• A GATEWAY key in in /etc/sysconfig/network now no longer affects
  non-static connections.
• Added support for IPv6-only VPN connections.
• The systemd service now uses HUP signal to reload configuration.
• Change VLAN default flags to set REORDER_HDR for new connections.
• nmtui is now able to ignore automatically configured routes.
• Allow setting IPv6 and PPP settings for GDM and CDMA connections via
• Added support for adding ADSL connections in nmcli.
• Improved capture portal detection.
• Default route through WiFi connection is now preferred to Mobile
  Broadband if both are available.
• Expose a flag to determine whether a particular connection is metered
  via API and client tools. Configurable in ifcfg with
• Add support for locking connections to a channel within a particular
• Add support for configuring Wake-on-LAN capabilitites.
• Allow overriding the MTU for team device.
• The MTU setting from an IPv6 neighbor discovery Router Advertisements
  is now ignored if applying it would result in invalid configuration.
• Some configuration options can now be changed without restarting the
  daemon. Notably, this applies to 'dns', 'connectivity' and
  'ignore-carrier' settings.
• The connection activation was made more robust. If an active
  connection is reactivated, the device it is active on takes
  precedence. If an attempt is made to activate a connection on a
  different device than the one it is active on, the activation proceeds
  removing the connection from the active device.
• The device specifiers in configuration files now support negation via
  'except:' match.
• Devices that only have IPv6 link-local address are no longer assumed
  to be connected.
• nmcli now provides hints and tab-completion for enumeration
• If the IPv6 interface tokens are set they are honored when creating an
  interface identifier for IPv6 addressing.
• NetworkManager now maintains correct routing configuration when
  multiple interfaces are connected to the same network.
• The management of devices can now be controlled with udev rules. The
  veth devices as well as the virtual Ethernet devices of various
  virtualization tools (VMWare, VirtualBox, Parallels Workstation) are
  now ignored by default.
• The IPv6 privacy extensions are now enabled by default and handling of
  the ip6-privacy sysctl has been improved.
• Activating a Bond, Bridge or Team device can now optionally activate
  the slave connections as well. The behavior is controlled with
  'connection.autoconnect-slaves' property and AUTOCONNECT-SLAVES key in
  ifcfg files.
• The platform support code has been refactored, resulting in better
  scalability in large configurations.
• Changes to network interfaces configuration done outside
  NetworkManager are now picked up and exposed to the user via
  NetworkManager API and tools.
• A connection can now optionally leave externally configured default
  route in place instead of overriding it. The behavior is controlled
  with 'ipv4.never-default' and 'ipv6.never-default' properties.
• nmcli allows multiple devices for 'nmcli device disconnect/delete'.
• Firewall zone is added to firewalld for device-based VPN connections
• Wi-Fi devices now indicate support for 2GHz and 5GHz frequencies
• "nmcli device" output now indicates physical port ID
• New config items added to the 'ifcfg-rh' plugin:
  - IPADDR and PREFIX are now supported for specifying address ranges of
    shared IPv4 connections
• Dispatcher scripts now get a CONNECTION_FILENAME variable with the
  path to the configuration file for the connection
• An example dispatcher script that is able to apply complex routing
  rules (such as setting up policy-based routing) for 'ifcfg-rh'
  connections was added to examples/dispatcher/.
• 'mode' key of Bond device options property now accepts numeric values
• Connection attempts for devices without carrier on startup now wait
  for carrier to appear within a short timeout instead of failing
  immediately. This makes system startup more robust.
• Bridge connectivity is now properly restored on resume from suspend
• The D-Bus name is acquired earlier during the daemon startup. This
  makes it possible for the systemd service manager to optimize the
  service startup so that services that require networking are activated
  sooner contributing to faster system start up time.
• A lot of memory leak problems were fixed, resulting in reduced memory
  usage.  Many of them were discovered as a result of improvements in
  use of Valgrind in the testing infrastructure.
• Management of 'teamd' daemon instances for Team devices is now more
• The 'dnsmasq' daemon respawns when it terminates and it is configured
  for management of DNS resolver configuration
• Hostnames that are not fully qualified are no longer sent to a DHCPv6
  server for a dynamic DNS update
• Connection UUIDs are now checked for uniqueness when connection
  configurations are read
• Receipt of a NDP Router Advertisement can no longer lower the IPv6 hop
  limit (CVE-2015-2924)

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