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sqlite-autoconf-3110000 (3.11.0)

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sqlite-autoconf-3110000.tar.gz (sha1: e2d300e4b24af5ecd67a1396488893fa44864e36) (sha1: 9b58a0a48508103352144afee2e47469e74427ba)

 D. Richard Hipp | 15 Feb 21:25 2016
Version 3.11.0

SQLite version 3.11.0 is now available

This is a regularly schedule maintenance release.  There are a few
obscure bug fixes, some new features, and various performance
improvements.  See the change log for details.

D. Richard Hipp
drh <at>


SQLite Release 3.11.0 On 2016-02-15

    General improvements:

  • Enhanced WAL mode so that it works efficiently with transactions
    that are larger than the cache_size.
  • Added the FTS5 detail option.
  • Added the "EXTRA" option to PRAGMA synchronous that does a sync of
    the containing directory when a rollback journal is unlinked in
    DELETE mode, for better durability. The SQLITE_EXTRA_DURABLE
    compile-time option enables PRAGMA synchronous=EXTRA by default.
  • Enhanced the query planner so that it is able to use a covering
    index as part of the OR optimization.
  • Avoid recomputing NOT NULL and CHECK constraints on unchanged
    columns in UPDATE statement.
  • Many micro-optimizations, resulting in a library that is faster than
    the previous release.

    Enhancements to the command-line shell:

  • By default, the shell is now in "auto-explain" mode. The output of
    EXPLAIN commands is automatically formatted.
  • Added the ".vfslist" dot-command.
  • The SQLITE_ENABLE_EXPLAIN_COMMENTS compile-time option is now turned
    on by default in the standard builds.

    Enhancements to the TCL Interface:

  • If a database connection is opened with the "-uri 1" option, then
    URI filenames are honored by the "backup" and "restore" commands.
  • Added the "-sourceid" option to the "sqlite3" command.

    Makefile improvements:

  • Improved pthreads detection in configure scripts.
  • Add the ability to do MSVC Windows builds from the amalgamation

    Bug fixes

  • Fix an issue with incorrect sharing of VDBE temporary registers
    between co-routines that could cause incorrect query results in
    obscure cases. Ticket d06a25c84454a.
  • Fix a problem in the sqlite3_result_subtype() interface that could
    cause problems for the json1 extension under obscure circumstances.
    Fix for ticket f45ac567eaa9f9.
  • Escape control characters in JSON strings. Fix for ticket
  • Reenable the xCurrentTime and xGetLastError methods in the built-in
    unix VFSes as long as SQLITE_OMIT_DEPRECATED is not defined.

    Backwards Compatibility:

  • Because of continuing security concerns, the two-argument version of
    of the seldom-used and little-known fts3_tokenizer() function is
    disabled unless SQLite is compiled with the

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Changing to 7.9, because 3.11 is recommended for all new development.

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