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New minor version.

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udisks 2.7.0 - Changes since 2.6.5:

an Pokorny (1):

  • Loop devices now uses libblockdev

Tony Asleson (37):

  • udisksata.c: Move SATA protocol to common function
  • udisksdaemonutil.c: Create common function for uid/pid
  • udisksdaemonutil.c: Fix GVariant resource leak
  • udisksstate.c: Make common list iterator
  • udisksstate.c: Move log into udisks_state_get
  • udisksstate.c: Move log into udisks_state_set
  • udisksstate.c: Correct function spelling
  • integration-test: Improve SMART available check
  • integration-test: exit 1 on fail
  • Install udev rules file
  • integration-test: pep 257 corrections
  • integration-test: pep8 local variable to be lower case
  • integration-test: Rename klass to cls
  • integration-test: Rename type to fs_type
  • integration-test: Rename id to b_id
  • integration-test: Use set literal
  • integration-test: Remove unused variables
  • integration-test: Rename args to prevent outer scope shadow
  • integration-test: Make unlock_crypto_device static
  • integration-test: Make keyfile_options static
  • integration-test: Make class variables explicit for Fstab
  • integration-test: Make class variables explicit for UDisksTestCase
  • udisksclient.c: Use common function for mdraid blocks
  • udisksclient.c: Common impl. for udisks_client_get_members_for_mdraid
  • integration-test: Add tests for client *mdraid functions
  • Make it work
  • udiskslinuxlogicalvolume.c: Dupe code removal
  • udiskslinuxpartition.c: Add common authorization func.
  • udiskslinuxpartition.c: handle_set_type, use common auth
  • udiskslinuxpartition.c: handle_set_name, use common auth
  • udiskslinuxpartition.c: handle_delete, use common auth
  • udiskslinuxpartition.c: handle_set_flags, use common auth
  • udisksdaemon.c: Use common function for job creation
  • udiskslinuxvolumegroup.c: Add remove/empty device func
  • Save/Restore compiler/linker flags
  • udiskslinuxblock.c: Use common device handling func.
  • udiskslinuxvolumegroup.c: Add common LV create func.

Vojtech Trefny (36):

  • Use libblockdev swap plugin for swapspace
  • Use libblockdev for partitioning code
  • Fix bd_reinit and g_clear_error calls in btrfs, zram and bcache
  • Use libblockdev for MDRAID code
  • Use libblockdev for wipefs calls in MDRAID code
  • Add libblockdev MDRAID and FS plugins to BuildRequires
  • Remove unused variables in handle_mdraid_create
  • Use libblockdev FS plugin for mounting and unmounting devices
  • Add tests for mounting as a non-root user
  • DBus tests: Include stderr in the run_command method output
  • DBus tests: Fix checking for fstype in MDRaid test
  • Add tests for mounting read-only devices as read-write
  • Create Job objects for partitioning related actions
  • Use libblockdev for wiping newly created partitions
  • DBus tests: Add some 'failing' tests for partitioning
  • Change btrfs module API to be consistent with udisks core
  • Fix docstring of 'CreateSnapshot' method in '.Filesystem.BTRFS'
  • Fix Requires and BuildRequires for libblockdev
  • DBus tests: Do not try to close log if it isn't a file
  • DBus tests: Fix checking for mounpoints in the cleanup script
  • Bcache, btrfs and zRAM modules: Handle invocations in threads
  • Fix API for BcacheCreate function
  • Change bcache properties do CamelCase
  • Do not try to set GError over the top of a previous GError
  • DBus tests: Do not try to import blivet before running tests
  • Change zRAM properties to CamelCase
  • Add 'options' parameter do zRAM 'Refresh' function
  • zRAM: Extract used CompAlgorithm as a single value
  • Change ZRAM 'CreateDevices' function to return newly created ZRAMs
  • Move new partition start if overlaps with extended partition metadata
  • Use libblockdev to get LUKS UUID for LUKS open
  • Post-release version bump to 2.6.6
  • Remove "--no-debug" option from udisksd manpage
  • Remove "--no-debug" option from udisksd manpage
  • Run post actions for udisks2-zram package only on Fedora
  • Fix two gcc warnings

Vratislav Podzimek (25):

  • Use libblockdev as a library not just the plugins
  • Do not start threaded jobs automatically
  • Add a function for running threaded jobs synchronously
  • Use libblockdev for LUKS operations
  • Require and initialize the libblockdev-lvm plugin
  • Check that blockdev/lvm.h is available if LVM2 support requested
  • Use libblockdev-lvm for LV operations
  • Use libblockdev-lvm for VG operations
  • Use libblockdev-lvm for VolumeGroupCreate() too
  • Also create thin pools using libblockdev-lvm
  • Get VGs with bd_lvm_vgs() run in a thread
  • Update information about PVs, LVs and VGs using libblockdev-lvm
  • Use libblockdev-lvm when updating VG on Poll() call
  • Get rid of the udisks-lvm helper program
  • Use info for metadata LV when updating LV which has one
  • Let the udisks2 package own the common directories
  • Use bd_lvm_vgreduce() instead of running 'vgreduce'
  • REMOVE-ME: use the CLI-based libblockdev-lvm plugin
  • Use systemd-defined macros in the spec file template
  • Make sure we have the AX_CHECK_ENABLE_DEBUG macro
  • Add a new configure option --enable-available-modules
  • Also check if libblockdev supports bcache
  • Fix documentation of the daemon job launching functions
  • Use systemd-defined macros in the spec file template
  • Require 'udev' not 'systemd-udev'

comment:3 by bdubbs@…, 6 years ago

Seems to require libblockdev which in turn needs libbytesize which needs python module 'six' for tests. libblockdev also wants volume_key and cryptsetup and dmraid

Some of those can be omitted, but it's still a PITA.

comment:4 by bdubbs@…, 6 years ago

Priority: normallow

Moving to low priority due to test and dependency issues Check again around Jun 18.

comment:5 by bdubbs@…, 6 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: assignedclosed

Fixed at revision 18843.

Required adding four libraries to the book:

Add volume_key-0.3.9 as a required dependency of libblockdev.
Add libbytesize-0.10 as a required depedency of libblockdev.
Add cryptsetup-1.7.5 as a dependency of libblockdev and required for udisks2.
Add libblockdev-2.9-1 as required depencency for udisks2-2.7.0.
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