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New point version.

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Bas Nieuwenhuizen (3):

radv: Set both compute and graphics SGPRS on descriptor set flush. radv: Dirty all descriptors sets when changing the pipeline. radv: Remove SI num RB override for occlusion queries.

Brian Paul (1):

xlib: fix glXGetCurrentDisplay() failure

Chad Versace (1):

i965/dri: Fix bad GL error in intel_create_winsys_renderbuffer()

Chuck Atkins (1): Reduce zlib requirement from 1.2.8 to 1.2.3.

Dave Airlie (3):

radv: expose integrated device type for APUs. radv: set fmask state to all 0s when no fmask. (v2) glsl/lower_distance: only set max_array_access for 1D clip dist arrays

Emil Velikov (1):

Update version to 17.1.3

Grazvydas Ignotas (1):

radv: fix trace dumping for !use_ib_bos

Jason Ekstrand (4):

i965/blorp: Take a layer range in intel_hiz_exec i965: Move the pre-depth-clear flush/stalls to intel_hiz_exec i965: Perform HiZ flush/stall prior to HiZ resolves i965: Mark depth surfaces as needing a HiZ resolve after blitting

José Fonseca (1):

automake: Link all variants with -Bsymbolic.

Juan A. Suarez Romero (1):

docs: add sha256 checksums for 17.1.2

Lucas Stach (1):

etnaviv: always do cpu_fini in transfer_unmap

Lyude (1):

nvc0: disable BGRA8 images on Fermi

Marek Olšák (3):

st/mesa: don't load cached TGSI shaders on demand radeonsi: fix a GPU hang with tessellation on 2-CU configs radeonsi: disable the patch ID workaround on SI when the patch ID isn't used (v2)

Nicolai Hähnle (1):

radv: fewer than 8 RBs are possible

Nicolas Dechesne (1):

util/rand_xor: add missing include statements

Tapani Pälli (1):

egl: fix _eglQuerySurface in EGL_BUFFER_AGE_EXT case

Thomas Hellstrom (1):

dri3/GLX: Fix drawable invalidation v2

Tim Rowley (1):

swr: relax c++ requirement from c++14 to c++11

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Fixed at revision 18850.

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