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Reported by: Pierre Labastie Owned by: Pierre Labastie
Priority: normal Milestone: 8.1
Component: BOOK Version: SVN
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New minor version:

1.  Fixed typo in CMakeLists.txt (wrong number of arguments for

2.  Issue 1 for 8.40 below was not correctly fixed. If pcregrep in multiline
mode with --only-matching matched several lines, it restarted scanning at the
next line instead of moving on to the end of the matched string, which can be
several lines after the start.

3.  Fix a missing else in the JIT compiler reported by 'idaifish'.

4.  A (?# style comment is now ignored between a basic quantifier and a
following '+' or '?' (example: /X+(?#comment)?Y/.

5.  Avoid use of a potentially overflowing buffer in pcregrep (patch by Petr

6.  Fuzzers have reported issues in pcretest. These are NOT serious (it is,
after all, just a test program). However, to stop the reports, some easy ones
are fixed:

    (a) Check for values < 256 when calling isprint() in pcretest.
    (b) Give an error for too big a number after \O.

7.  In the 32-bit library in non-UTF mode, an attempt to find a Unicode
property for a character with a code point greater than 0x10ffff (the Unicode
maximum) caused a crash.

8. The alternative matching function, pcre_dfa_exec() misbehaved if it
encountered a character class with a possessive repeat, for example [a-f]{3}+.

9. When pcretest called pcre_copy_substring() in 32-bit mode, it set the buffer
length incorrectly, which could result in buffer overflow.

10. Remove redundant line of code (accidentally left in ages ago).

11. Applied C++ patch from Irfan Adilovic to guard 'using std::' directives
with namespace pcrecpp (Bugzilla #2084).

12. Remove a duplication typo in pcre_tables.c.

13. Fix returned offsets from regexec() when REG_STARTEND is used with a
starting offset greater than zero.

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Fixed at r18923

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