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sysstat 11.5.7

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Improvements added here mainly concern the iostat command: New metrics added
to the extended statistics report, a new switch (-s) to display a short
(narrow) version of the report that will fit in 80 characters wide screens,
the JSON output that now depends on options used... Also to be noted: Several
metrics (from iostat and sar) are now expressed in kilobytes instead of 
Last but not least, this development version includes a set of bugfixes that
you will also find in the 11.4.x and 11.2.x series.

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2017/07/05: Version 11.5.7 - Sebastien Godard (sysstat <at>

  • iostat: Add new "-s" switch used to display a short (narrow) version of the report that should fit in 80 chars wide screens.
  • iostat: Add new metrics to iostat's extended statistics report.
  • iostat: Express requests average size in kB, not sectors.
  • iostat: Make JSON output depend on options used.
  • iostat: Remove trailing colon following "Device" field name.
  • sar/sadf: Metrics from disks report previously expressed in sectors are now expressed in kB.
  • Update DTD/XSD documents.
  • SVG: Fix graphs for swap space utilization statistics.
  • Display unit with areq-sz metric values when --human option used.
  • Display a percent sign after values when --human option used.
  • pidstat: Don't stop if /proc/#/schedstat files don't exist.
  • Fix ressource leak (CID 144609) [11.4.5] [11.2.11].
  • Cast variables to target type before use [11.4.5] [11.2.11].
  • Fix buffer overflow when options -s or -e are used with sar (DEBIAN bug #863197) [11.4.5] [11.2.11].
  • SVG: Define a max number of horizontal lines for the background grid [11.4.5].
  • Change default colors to be usable on both dark and light terminal backgrounds [11.4.5] [11.2.11].
  • Start collect and summary systemd services after sysstat.service [11.4.5] [11.2.11].
  • Manual pages updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.

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Fixed at revision 18928.

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