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New point version.

This version provides some new features, several new partition type codes, and one minor bug fix:

  • A stray debug message ("REALLY setting name!") has been removed from sgdisk.
  • On Linux, the p option in gdisk and the -p/--print option in sgdisk now display the model name of the hard disk, when possible. This feature does not yet exist on other OSes.
  • On Linux (with 2.6.32 and later kernels), gdisk and sgdisk can now report both logical and physical sector sizes. This mainly affects the p/-p/--print display, but if you try to set an alignment value that's not a multiple of the ratio of the physical to logical sector size, the program will issue a warning. It also now uses the larger of the specified alignment value or this ratio when checking for improper alignment in the v/-v/--verify operation.
  • A new feature, activated by j on the experts' menu in gdisk or -j/--move-main-table=sector in sgdisk, enables moving the main (primary) partition table from its standard location starting on sector 2. This feature should not be used casually! Its purpose is to open an unallocated gap where some system-on-chip (SoC) computers insist on placing their boot loaders. Moving the partition table results in the first usable sector value also being increased (unless the partition table is shrunk by a corresponding value). The verify operation will warn upon encountering a disk with such a gap.
    • Several new type codes have been added:
      • Four type codes (0xAF06 through 0xAF09) for Apple SoftRAID (Status, Scratch, Volume, and Cache)
      • Two type codes (0xE100 and 0xE101, 7412F7D5-A156-4B13-81DC-867174929325 and D4E6E2CD-4469-46F3-B5CB-1BFF57AFC149) for the Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) boot and configuration partitions, respectively
      • Thirteen type codes (0xA000 through 0xA00C) for Android partitions
      • One type code (0xB300, CEF5A9AD-73BC-4601-89F3-CDEEEEE321A1) for QNX6 (aka QNX Power-Safe) filesystems

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Summary: gptfdisk-1.0.2gptfdisk-1.0.3

Now 10.0.3, here is why:

1.0.3 (7/27/2017)—Barely a day after the release of version 1.0.2, I
discovered a serious bug that caused gdisk to create improper GPT data
structures when partitioning a disk "from scratch." This version fixes
that bug. Do not use version 1.0.2!

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Fixed at r18973

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