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nfs-utils: configure puts rpc.statd in /sbin, breaks 20170611 nfs-client bootscript

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The bootscripts were changed to use /usr/sbin for rpc.statd, I think to match the systemd book.

In sysv we still have

./configure --prefix=/usr          \
            --sysconfdir=/etc      \
            --sbindir=/sbin        \
            --without-tcp-wrappers \
            --disable-nfsv4        \

But that is then followed by a comment: If your /usr directory is NFS mounted, you should install the executables in /sbin by passing an additional parameter --sbindir=/sbin to the above ./configure command.

With the command in its current form, the nfs-client bootscript fails.

I suppose we need to remove that sbindir line from the book.

BUT: the systemd book has the same line. Perhaps I've misinterpreted and the correct fix is to remove the comment about an NFS-mounted /usr directory, and in sysv revert the bootscript change ??

Need advice from the systemd guys.

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comment:1 by ken@…, 6 years ago

The change was made in r18823 and appears to be deliberate (i.e. the comment on using nfs for /usr is perhaps redundant, since the switch was added to the book). Maybe the bootscript is wrong or out of date ?

comment:2 by DJ Lucas, 6 years ago

Agreed, for FHS, this belongs in /sbin. The note should be removed. Maybe overstating the obvious, but need to also double check that it doesn't link to anything in /usr, if so, the libs need to be in the root as well.

comment:3 by bdubbs@…, 6 years ago

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Nothing in rpc.statd links to anything in /usr. Checking the server bootscript, rpc.nfsd, exportfs, and rpc.mountd are OK also, but there is no rpc.rquotad in the build.

I agree that the sentence after the configure line needs to be removed, but we also need to remove the references to quota in the bootscript and the one line in the server configuration.

I will note that we evidently do not have anyone that has used quotas in LFS, let alone rpc.rquotad.

In the NEWS file:

Significant changes for nfs-utils 1.1.0 - March/April 2007
- rpc.rquotad is gone.  Use the one from the 'quota' package.
   Everone else does.

comment:4 by bdubbs@…, 6 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: assignedclosed

Fixed at revision 18970.

comment:5 by ken@…, 6 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: closedreopened

Bruce, I don't understand how that fixes the problem in the description of this ticket ?

You have removed the comment about nfs on /usr, and cleaned up a redundant part of the server bootscript, but the client bootscript is unchanged since February last year and still references /usr/sbin/rpc.statd.

comment:6 by ken@…, 6 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: reopenedclosed

Whoops, I hadn't updated the bootscripts in my local repo. When I do that, I see that it did get changed to /sbin/rpc.statd on 12th June. So the bootscripts had not got regenerated when I picked up the 11th June version.

Sorry about the previous comment, the 20170731 nfs-client bootscript looks ok.

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