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New version, from the release notes posted to lkml (but please see after that re pcre):

"Git 2.14 Release Notes ======================

Backward compatibility notes and other notable changes.

  • Use of an empty string as a pathspec element that is used for 'everything matches' is still warned and Git asks users to use a more explicit '.' for that instead. The hope is that existing users will not mind this change, and eventually the warning can be turned into a hard error, upgrading the deprecation into removal of this (mis)feature. That is not scheduled to happen in the upcoming release (yet).
  • Git now avoids blindly falling back to ".git" when the setup sequence said we are _not_ in Git repository. A corner case that happens to work right now may be broken by a call to die("BUG"). We've tried hard to locate such cases and fixed them, but there might still be cases that need to be addressed--bug reports are greatly appreciated.
  • The experiment to improve the hunk-boundary selection of textual diff output has finished, and the "indent heuristics" has now become the default.
  • Git can now be built with PCRE v2 instead of v1 of the PCRE library. Replace USE_LIBPCRE=YesPlease with USE_LIBPCRE2=YesPlease in existing build scripts to build against the new version. As the upstream PCRE maintainer has abandoned v1 maintenance for all but the most critical bug fixes, use of v2 is recommended."

For pcre - I don't understand how configure sets things up, it appears to NOT update the shipped Makefile which is set for installing in ${HOME} and seems to want -DSOMETHING defines for options - but the switches we list are effective.

But I decided to use pcre2 with git in future (I've never bothered with pcre1 in git until now). Using an env var doesn't seem to use pcre2, and the tests for that are skipped. Using --with-libpcre2 and alternatively --with-libpcre both fail because in BLFS we don't built the JIT part of pcre/pcre2.

It looks as if --enable-jit is probably the required switch in (at least) pcre2 - not yet tested, if true it will need to be added as an option in both, with (maybe) an extra lib, and comments on the git page that they need to be built with jit enabled.

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Initial finding re the shipped Makefile (and also for pcre2) :

git's configure writes to config.mak.autogen, where --with-libpcre adds


Since I was looking at pcre2, that too ships with a vanilla Makefile, things are written to src/config.h.

Who would have thought there were so many different ways of writing configure scripts :)

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Done at r18990.

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