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New minor version (was new point version).

NEWS - OpenPrinting CUPS Filters v1.17.2 - 2017-08-25


        - libcupsfilters: Fixed outstanding bug in PCLm with JPEG (DCT)
          compression. Now PCLm support is completely working.


        - libcupsfilters: Added direct PNG printing to the PPD
          generator, the one of CUPS has it, too.
        - libcupsfilters: In the PPD file generator renamed the option
          "cupsPrintQuality" into the IPP name "print-quality" as CUPS
          does not update the "print-quality=4" entry in the filter
          command line based on the setting of "cupsPrintQuality"
          (CUPS issue #5090).
        - libcupsfilters: Completely redone the way how to determine
          the resolutions to use for the default resolution and print
          quality option in the PPDs generated for IPP
          printers. Resolution lists from IPP attributes are now read
          into sorted, duplicate-free lists with wrong resolutions
          removed or fixed. Resolutions actually used are the common
          ones between the supported PDLs, PDls with inferior maximum
          resolution or with broken resolution list are skipped
          (Debian bug #868360, Ubuntu bug #1712019, CUPS issue #5088,
          CUPS issue #5091).
        - rastertopdf: Prefer RLE compression instead of Flate as
          there are HP printers where Flate is buggy.
        - Build system: Fixed help mesage for "--enable-driverless"
          configure option (Bug #1405).


        - rastertopdf, rastertopclm, driverless, cups-browsed,
          libcupsfilters: Added support for the PCLm output format for
          driverless printing on Mopria and Wi-Fi Direct
          printers. This is the Google Summer of Code 2017 project of
          Sahil Arora (sahilarora dot 535 at gmail dot com). Thank you
          very much for your great work!  The PCLm support requires
          QPDF 7.0.0 or later.


        - Build system: Switched over to C11 standard with GNU
          extensions (-std=gnu11).
        - Build system: Removed -pedantic flag as it is only needed
          for compatibility with commercial compilers like the ones of
          Windows (and we use GNU extensions anyway).
        - libfontembed, texttopdf: reverted removal of anonymous


        - libfontembed: Reverted unneeded soname change.


        - README: Minimum CUPS requirement of cups-filters is CUPS
          1.4.x.  It does not build with earlier CUPS versions (Bug
        - driverless, foomatic-rip: Create relative symbolic links.
        - All C/C++ files: Silenced all compiler warnings, at least
          the ones appearing when building on Ubuntu Linux 17.10 with
          GCC 7.1.0.
        - README: Updated the introduction section to reflect the
          current functionality of cups-filters, and the build
          requirements for the Poppler-based filters (C++11: Bug
          #1404, Build configuration of Poppler: Bug #1257). Thanks to
          Roland Hieber (r dot hieber at pengutronix dot de) to find
          out about this.
        - pdftoopvp, bannertopdf, pdftoraster: Build with C++11
          standard as some features of this standard are needed by
          these filters (or by Poppler). Thanks to Roland Hieber (r
          dot hieber at pengutronix dot de) for the patch (Bug #1404).

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Now 1.17.2, two releases yesterday.

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