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New minor version.

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Taking a lot of packages. I hope to get them all done this weekend.

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Fixed in 7.56.0 - October 4 2017


    curl: enable compression for SCP/SFTP with --compressed-ssh
    libcurl: enable compression for SCP/SFTP with CURLOPT_SSH_COMPRESSION
    vtls: added dynamic changing SSL backend with curl_global_sslset()
    new MIME API, curl_mime_init() and friends
    openssl: initial SSLKEYLOGFILE implementation 


    FTP: zero terminate the entry path even on bad input
    examples/ftpuploadresume.c: use portable code
    runtests: match keywords case insensitively
    travis: build the examples too
    strtoofft: reduce integer overflow risks globally produce a working completion script again
    cmake: remove dead code for CURL_DISABLE_RTMP
    progress: Track total times following redirects
    configure: fix --disable-threaded-resolver
    cmake: remove dead code for DISABLED_THREADSAFE
    configure: fix clang version detection
    darwinssi: fix error: variable length array used
    travis: add metalink to some osx builds
    configure: check for __builtin_available() availability
    http_proxy: fix build error for CURL_DOES_CONVERSIONS
    examples/ftpuploadresume: checksrc compliance
    ftp: fix CWD when doing multicwd then nocwd on same connection
    system.h: remove all CURL_SIZEOF_* defines
    http: Don't wait on CONNECT when there is no proxy
    system.h: check for __ppc__ as well
    http2_recv: return error better on fatal h2 errors
    scripts/contri*sh: use "git log --use-mailmap"
    tftp: fix memory leak on too long filename
    system.h: fix build for hppa
    cmake: enable picky compiler options with clang and gcc
    makefile.m32: add support for libidn2
    curl: turn off MinGW CRT's globbing
    request-target.d: mention added in 7.55.0
    curl: shorten and clean up CA cert verification error message
    imap: support PREAUTH
    examples/threaded-ssl: mention that this is for openssl before 1.1
    winbuild: fix embedded manifest option
    tests: Make sure libtests & unittests call curl_global_cleanup()
    system.h: include sys/poll.h for AIX
    darwinssl: handle long strings in TLS certs
    strtooff: fix build for systems with long long but no strtoll
    asyn-thread: Improved cleanup after OOM situations "How to get started helping out in the curl project"
    curl.h: CURLSSLBACKEND_WOLFSSL used wrong value
    unit1301: fix error message on first test
    ossfuzz: moving towards the ideal integration
    http: fix a memory leakage in checkrtspprefix()
    examples/post-callback: stop returning one byte at a time
    schannel: return CURLE_SSL_CACERT on failed verification
    MAIL-ETIQUETTE: added "1.9 Your emails are public"
    http-proxy: treat all 2xx as CONNECT success
    openssl: use OpenSSL's default ciphers by default support attribute "nonewline" in part verify/upload
    configure: remove --enable-soname-bump and SONAME_BUMP
    travis: add c-ares enabled builds linux + osx
    vtls: fix WolfSSL 3.12 build problems
    http-proxy: when not doing CONNECT, that phase is done immediately
    configure: fix curl_off_t check's include order
    configure: use -Wno-varargs on clang 3.9[.X] debug builds
    rtsp: do not call fwrite() with NULL pointer FILE *
    mbedtls: enable CA path processing
    travis: add build without HTTP/SMTP/IMAP
    checksrc: verify more code style rules
    HTTP proxy: on connection re-use, still use the new remote port
    tests: add initial gssapi test using stub implementation
    rtsp: Segfault when using WRITEDATA
    docs: clarify the CURLOPT_INTERLEAVE* options behavior
    non-ascii: use iconv() with 'char **' argument
    server/getpart: provide dummy function to build conversion enabled
    conversions: fix several compiler warnings
    openssl: add missing includes
    schannel: Support partial send for when data is too large
    socks: fix incorrect port number in SOCKS4 error message
    curl: fix integer overflow in timeout options
    travis: on mac, don't install openssl or libidn
    cookies: reject oversized cookies instead of truncating
    cookies: use lock when using CURLINFO_COOKIELIST
    curl: check fseek() return code and bail on error
    examples/post-callback: use long for CURLOPT_POSTFIELDSIZE
    openssl: only verify RSA private key if supported
    tests: make the imap server not verify user+password
    imap: quote atoms properly when escaping characters
    tests: fix a compiler warning in test 643
    file_range: avoid integer overflow when figuring out byte range
    curl.h: include on cygwin too
    reuse_conn: don't copy flags that are known to be equal
    http: fix adding custom empty headers to repeated requests
    docs: clarify the use of environment variables for proxy
    connect: fix race condition with happy eyeballs timeout
    cookie: fix memory leak if path was set twice in header
    vtls: compare and clone ssl configs properly
    proxy: read the "no_proxy" variable only if necessary 

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Fixed at revision 19315.

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