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New point version.

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Xapian-core 1.4.5 (2017-10-16):


  • Add Database::get_total_length() method. Previously you had to calculate this from get_avlength() and get_doccount(), taking into account rounding issues. But even then you couldn't reliably get the exact value when total length is large since a double's mantissa has more limited precision than an unsigned long long.
  • Add Xapian::iterator_rewound() for bidirectional iterators, to test if the iterator is at the start (useful for testing whether we're done when iterating backwards).
  • DatabaseOpeningError exceptions now provide errno via get_error_string() rather than turning it into a string and including it in the exception message.
  • WritableDatabase::replace_document(): when passed a Document object which came from a database and has unmodified values, we used to always read those values into a memory structure. Now we only do this if the document is being replaced to the same document ID which it came from, which should make other cases a bit more efficient.
  • Enquire::get_eset(): When approximating term frequencies we now round to the nearest integer - previously we always rounded down.


  • Improve Xapian::Document test coverage.
  • Pass --child-silent-after-fork=yes to valgrind which stops us creating a .valgrind.log.* file for every remote testcase run. This option was added in valgrind 3.3.0 which is already the minimum version we support.
  • Open and unlink valgrind log before option parsing so we no longer leave a log file behind if there's an error parsing options or for options like --help which report and exit.
  • Delete .valgrind.log.* on "make clean" - if tests are run under valgrind and the test is killed at just the wrong moment then a log file may be left behind.
  • Fix the NetworkError with ECHILD check added in 1.4.4 - this will no longer segfault if the test harness catches a NetworkError without an error string.


  • Iterating of positions has been sped up, which means phrase matching is now faster (by a little over 5% in some simple tests).
  • Fix use after free of QueryOptimiser hint in certain cases involving multiple databases only some of which have positional information. This bug was introduced by changes in xapian-core 1.4.3. Fixes #752, reported and analysed by Robert Stepanek.
  • An unweighted OP_AND_MAYBE is now optimised to just its left branch - the other branch or branches only contribute weight, so can be completely ignored when the operator is unweighted.

inmemory backend:

  • Use binary chop instead of linear search in all places where we're searching for a term or document - we weren't taking advantage of the sorted order everywhere.

build system:

  • xapian-core.pc: Specify Libs.private in pkgconfig file, which is needed for static linking, and probably also for shared libraries on platforms without DT_NEEDED or something equivalent. Fixes #751, reported by Matthieu Gautier.


  • Document that QueryParser::set_default_op() supports OP_MAX - this has been the case since OP_MAX was added, but the API docs for set_default_op() weren't updated to reflect this.
  • Document OP_MAX and OP_WILDCARD.
  • Fix documentation of TermGenerator stop_strategy values STOP_ALL and STOP_STEMMED. Reported by Matthieu Gautier in #750. Thanks to Gaurav Arora for additional investigation.
  • net/remote_protocol.rst: Update the current version of the remote protocol version (39 not 38). The differences between the two are only in the Query and MSet serialisations which aren't documented in detail here.
  • Link get_unique_terms_begin() and get_terms_begin() API documentation - the cross-referencing is useful in itself, but also helps to highlight the difference between the two.
  • Fix "IPv5" -> "IPv6" comment typo. Noted by James Clarke
  • deprecation.html:

+ Add deprecated Enquire::get_eset() overload - this was marked as deprecated

in the header file, but hadn't been added here.

+ Move deprecated typedefs to the "to be removed" list - they'd been

accidentally added to the "removed" list.

+ Improve descriptions of several deprecated features.

  • QueryParser::set_max_expansion() is now discussed in the API documentation instead of the deprecated set_max_wildcard_expansion().
  • Clarify PostList::check() API documentation: If valid is set to false, then NULL must be returned (pruning in this situation doesn't make sense) and at_end() shouldn't be called (because it implicitly depends on the current position being valid).

+ Update re -Wold-style-cast which we enabled and then had to disable again.

+ Update links to C++ FAQ and libstdc++'s debug mode.

+ Update several URLs to use https.

+ The 1.2 release branch has now been retired, so remove 1.2-specific

backporting tips.


  • Also check <errno.h> for sys_nerr and sys_errlist. This is probably a more common location for them than Linux's <stdio.h> (even on Linux the man page says they're in <errno.h> but that doesn't match reality).
  • Use $(CC) not $(CC_FOR_BUILD) to build The test for whether we need it is based on the host OS, so it makes more sense to use the host compiler to build it when cross compiling.
  • On Hurd F_GETLK currently always fails with errno set to ENOSYS - treat this the same way as ENOLCK. This fixes the testsuite on GNU Hurd, broken since the addition on Database::locked() in 1.4.3.
  • Add missing #include "safesyssocket.h", needed on at least FreeBSD to get AF_INET and SOCK_STREAM defined. Fixes, reported by Po-Chuan Hsieh (alternative fix applied was suggested by James Aylett).
  • configure: Fixed the probe for whether the test harness can use RTTI with IBM's xlC compiler (which defaults to not generating RTTI). Previously the probe would always think RTTI was available.

debug code:

  • Fix some incorrect class/method names in debug logging.
  • Stop disabling ccache for coverage builds as ccache 3.2.2 now supports caching compilations with --coverage, and they work as far back as ccache 3.0 (caching is automatically disabled by these older versions).
  • Drop --enable-quiet from in COVERAGE_CONFIGURE - this option no longer does anything since 1.3.1.

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Fixed at revision 19396.

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