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cdrecord has ISO-8859-1 characters hard-coded in its messages. Thus, they can't be displayed properly in locales using other character sets. Also, they make some UTF-8 terminal emulators upset. If you have Glibc and the de_DE locale and understand legal consequences of doing that, run the commands below to convert messages to ASCII approximations (e.g., "J<wrong or invalid character>rg Schilling" -> "Joerg Schilling"). Alternatively, apply this patch that has the same legal consequences.

for F in cdrecord/cdrecord.c cdrecord/diskid.c cdrecord/sector.c \
    readcd/readcd.c scgcheck/scgcheck.c scgskeleton/skel.c ; do
    LC_ALL=de_DE iconv -f ISO-8859-1 -t US-ASCII//TRANSLIT $F >tmp
    mv -f tmp $F

The comment in cdrecord.c states that, because of GPL requirements, you are not allowed to do that (because these commands modify the copyright notices), but how can a copyright notice containing invalid byte sequences be valid? RedHat ignores this comment and patches copyright notices.

TODO: describe the mkisofs iconv patch, its usefulness and reverse dependencies.


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