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New point version.

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comment:1 by bdubbs@…, 7 years ago

** New features:

  - Libltdl maintains its own fork of argz, with macros and files in
    the LT_ and lt__ namespaces (resp.) where they cannot clash with
    client projects' use of gnulib argz.

** Bug fixes:

  - Installation of 'libtoolize' once again obeys '--program-prefix',
    '--program-suffix' and '--program-transform-name' configure options.

  - `libtoolize` doesn't remove any files that it can't reinstall,
    including old versions of the snippet directory, and gnulib's
    version of the argz module and supporting files.

  - LT_FUNC_DLYSM_USCORE now works correctly on systems that don't
    support self dlopen()ing.

** Important incompatible changes:

  - LT_LIB_DLLOAD no longer prepends -ldl or -ldld to LIBS, causing
    duplicate occurrences in libltdl link lines.  If you need to
    add a library for dlopen() or shl_load() in your Makefile, then
    use $(LIBADD_DLOPEN) or $(LIBADD_SHL_LOAD) respectively.  If you
    are using libltdl, this all happens automatically, and the only
    difference you'll see is no more duplicated library names in the
    verbose link line.

** Changes in supported systems or compilers:

  - Preliminary support for tcc on linux*.  Although it already worked
    sometimes in previous releases, making sure to set LD correctly now
    avoids mis-matching GNU ld with tcc:

       ./configure CC=tcc LD=tcc

  - Added -os2dllname option to work around 8 character base name
    limit on OS/2.  The option has no effect on other systems.

  - Support for DLL versioning, -export-symbols and -export-symbols-regex
    on OS/2.

  - Support filename-based shared library versioning on AIX. See manual
    for details.

comment:2 by bdubbs@…, 7 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at revision 10801.

Tests now take considerably longer than before (11 SBU).

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