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util-linux v2.26.1

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Util-linux 2.26.1 Release Notes ===============================


  • make sure that reload file exists [Karel Zak]
  • reload issue on --autologin --login-pause too [Karel Zak]
  • support /usr/lib/os-release too [Karel Zak]


  • add --disable-colors-default [Karel Zak]


  • care about setuprterm() result [Karel Zak]


  • cleanup man pages, add hint to usage() [Karel Zak]


  • fix some spelling errors and typos in man pages [Bill Pemberton]
  • fstab(5) grammar / English fixes, and some other updates [Peter Cordes]
  • update AUTHORS file [Karel Zak]


  • don't rely on st_dev for --target [Karel Zak]


  • fix utmplist usage [Karel Zak]


  • add USAGE_COLORS_DEFAULT [Karel Zak]


  • add {first,last}-lba header to sfdisk scritps [Karel Zak]


  • add mnt_table_get_fs_root() to header file [Karel Zak]
  • cleanup fs root detection code [Karel Zak]
  • mark overlay as pseudo-FS [Karel Zak]


  • add --msgid option, permits to set RFC5424 MSGID field [Rainer Gerhards]
  • add --skip-empty to prevent logging empty lines [Rainer Gerhards]
  • add comment [Karel Zak]
  • bugfix missing sanity checks with --prio-prefix option [Rainer Gerhards]
  • bugfix tcp syslog framing is broken, -T unusable [Rainer Gerhards]
  • check for ntp_gettime() rather than for timex.h [Karel Zak]
  • fix -i argument parsing regression [Sami Kerola]
  • fix -p kern.* priority is accepted regression [Rainer Gerhards]
  • fix inconsistent format regression when logging locally [Rainer Gerhards]
  • fix invalid timestamp in rfc5425 format [Rainer Gerhards]
  • fix invalid timestamp regression in local format [Rainer Gerhards]
  • fix multiple format bugs in rfc5424 formatter [Rainer Gerhards]
  • fix whitespace and compiler warning [-Wunused-variable] [Karel Zak]
  • link [Ruediger Meier]
  • messages are logged with kern.* priority by default [Rainer Gerhards]
  • move /dev/log to pathnames.h [Sami Kerola]
  • permit to send messages larger than 1024 characters [Rainer Gerhards]
  • refactor message generation [Rainer Gerhards]
  • refactor the way output is written [Rainer Gerhards]
  • remove "interface to syslog(3)" from man page [Karel Zak]
  • small change in usage() [Karel Zak]
  • use username as the default tag [Karel Zak]
  • use xstrdup() [Karel Zak]

logger man page:

  • bump man page date to current [Rainer Gerhards]
  • fix some "syslog(3) routine" remnants [Rainer Gerhards]
  • fix typo [Rainer Gerhards]
  • update --size doc [Rainer Gerhards]


  • merge changes [Karel Zak]


  • add missing --color [Karel Zak]


  • fix fdisk/bsd for ppc64le [Ruediger Meier]
  • improve readability for fdisk/bsd [Ruediger Meier]
  • update sfdisk --dump test [Karel Zak]
  • silence compiler warning [Rainer Gerhards]

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