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util-linux 2.27

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Only at -rc1 right now.

Util-linux 2.27 Release Notes

The command tailf is deprecated in favour of tail -f from coreutils.

The command unshare provides a new option 
to control propagation in mount namespaces. The default is "private" now. The
new default unifies unshare behavior and makes it independent on distribution
default. The unshare supports persistent namespaces too (no process has to run 
to keep namespace in existence).

The fdisk and sfdisk is possible to compile with GNU Readline support to
improve line-editing functionality.

The library libsmartcols and commands findmnt, losetup, lsblk, lslocks, sfdisk
and lsipc provides output in JSON format.

The command mkfs (deprecated in favour of mkfs.<type>) does not use hard coded
paths, but it follows $PATH.

The command script has been massively improved to be more robust and less
complex.  Now all is implemented by one process which monitor the running
session by poll(), signalfd() etc.

The command sulogin supports locked root accounts if the command line option
--force is specified. Read the sulogin man page before you use it!

The command agetty reloads prompt on addresses change if network information

The util-linux supports and enable colors by default, this behavior is possible
to change by --disable-colors-default to be more user friendly to color blind
people. The colors is still possible to enable by /etc/terminal-colors.d. See

The command cfdisk displays more information about selected partition
(partition UUID, filesystem identifiers, mountpoint, etc.). This extra window
is possible to toggle by 'x' key.

The fdisk provides a new command 'F' to print free unpartitioned space (gaps)
on the disk. The same functionality provides sfdisk by --list-free.  The fdisk
wipes the begin of the device by default, the new option --protect-boot
disables this behavior. The new fdisk command 'i' provides more information
about a specified partition.

The command cal supports new options --twelve and --months <n> to display next
twelve or <n> months.

The command rtcwake supports a new option --list-modes to list available modes,
and a new option --date for human readable times. rtcwake does not support
RTC_ALM_READ and RTC_ALM_SET fallbacks any more.

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Summary: util-linux 2.27-rc1 (wait for stable)util-linux 2.27-rc2 (wait for stable)

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Summary: util-linux 2.27-rc2 (wait for stable)util-linux 2.27

Stable util-linux 2.27 has been released.

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