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New minor version.

  • Major changes in release 4.6.0, 2015-12-28

Stable Release

This is the first stable release since findutils-4.4.2. The entries below in this file detail the changes that have occurred since release 4.3.13 (which is the common ancestor of this release and findutils-4.4.0). This release includes all the bug fixes incorporated into the 4.4.x release series, since those bug fixes were also applied to the 4.5.x release series.

Summary of Changes

The most significant changes since the 4.4.2 release are:

  1. Some backward-incompatible changes have been made to find:
    • egrep regular expressions now work like GNU grep -E
    • Minor changes to the way nanoseconds fields are printed
    • find -perm +mode is now fully POSIX compliant (if you want the old behaviour use -perm /mode).
    • find -perm +numeric_mode is not supported any more. This syntax is unspecified by POSIX. The prior functionality continues to be available with -perm /numeric_mode. For more details see Savannah bug 38474.
  1. Some backward-incompatible changes have been made to xargs:
    • if the child exits with status 126 or 127, xargs exits with status 123.
  1. There are also a large number of bugfixes, performance enhancements and documentation improvements, as detailed below.
  1. The "oldfind" binary is no longer installed.


Updated the Danish translation.

  • Major changes in release 4.5.19, 2015-12-28

Bug Fixes:

Applied patch #8688: Spelling fixes.

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Fixed at revision 10981.

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