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New minor version.

Full release notes at

Util-linux 2.30 Release Notes =============================

The libblkid library has been improved for hybrid CDROM/DVD media by extracting the LABEL and UUID values from the UDF header, rather than the ISO9660 header. This change makes hybrid CDROM/DVD media created on other operating systems more compatible in Linux user-space. Unfortunately, this change may introduce a regression for (unusual) hybrid CDROM/DVDs where the ISO and UDF headers use a different LABEL.

The deprecated command tailf has been removed. Use "tail -f" from coreutils.

blkzone -- NEW COMMAND to run zone commands on block devices that support Zoned Block Commands (ZBC) or Zoned-device ATA Commands (ZAC). The currently supported functionality is 'report' and 'reset'. [thanks to Shaun Tancheff (Seagate), Damien Le Moal (WD)]

fincore -- NEW COMMAND to count pages of file contents in core (memory). [thanks to Masatake YAMATO (Red Hat)]

lsmem -- NEW COMMAND to list the ranges of available memory with their online status (originally implemented in Perl for s390-tools). [thanks to Clemens von Mann and Heiko Carstens (IBM)]

chmem -- NEW COMMAND to set memory online/offline status [thanks to Heiko Carstens (IBM)]

Removed Alpha and dead code from hwclock's --directisa option.

The command fallocate supports an "insert range" operation now.

The command "column -ttable" has been modified to use libsmartcols. It now

provides nearly all of that library's functionality from the command line. For example: printing a table header, reordering columns, aligning columns to the right, printing tree-like output, wrapping lines in cells, truncating text in cells, etc. The libmount library now provides an API to generate exit codes and error/warning messages compatible with mount(8).

Security issues

hwclock - no longer makes any internal permission checks. The System

Administrator must set proper permissions to control user access to the RTC. It is NOT recommended to use set-user-ID.

CVE-2016-2779 - This security issue is NOT FIXED yet. It is possible to

disable the ioctl TIOCSTI by setsid() only. Unfortunately, setsid() has well-defined use cases in su(1) and runuser(1) and any changes would introduce regressions. It seems we need a better way -- ideally another ioctl to disable TIOCSTI without setsid() or in a userspace implemented pty container (planned as experimental su(1) feature).

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