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New minor version.

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6.4 (23 June 2017)

  • texi2any:
    • for HTML output, place section names before the manual in page titles, instead of after them, so it is easier to distinguish pages if titles are truncated
    • starting points for ordered lists beginning with 0 or a letter of the alphabet are output as attributes on the <ol> tag, as was case for Texinfo 4.13 and earlier
    • a bit faster
    • some discrepancies in paragraph formatting between Perl extension modules and interpreted Perl modules have been fixed
    • `MACRO_BODY_IGNORES_LEADING_SPACE' customization variable removed, and `indent_menu_descriptions' is no longer a possible value for `TREE_TRANSFORMATIONS' (as these features did not work as documented)
  • info:
    • the up-line' and down-line' commands now are like the other scrolling commands and are no longer confined to a single node (depending on the value of `scroll-behaviour')
    • supplying the --all option with --index-search displays a list of matching index entries
    • the style variables like `link-style' can now be set while info is running
    • display bug fixed where color could be turned off prematurely
    • several other bugs fixed
    • better portability in test suite
    • do not fall back to showing the dir node if a manual isn't found
    • Do not attempt any kind of conversion of CR LF line endings, except on MS-DOS/Windows, when it is done unconditionally. (This replaces a more complicated approach, where this conversion would take place if there was a problem finding a node in a file.) The main effect of this change is that Info files with CR LF line endings, which would have been produced on MS-DOS/Windows with old versions of makeinfo, are only supported on such operating systems.
    • a few of the key bindings under --vi-keys have been changed for consistency or to match the documentation
  • texinfo.tex
    • a DVI file with a single empty page can be output again, which restores the behavior from Texinfo 6.0 and earlier
  • Distribution
    • autoconf 2.69, automake 1.15, gettext 0.19.8

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Fixed at revision 11261.

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