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fail to compile linux 4.14.9

Reported by: Thierry Nuttens Owned by: lfs-book@…
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It look like kernel 4.14.9 needs elfutils to compile. I did'nt investigate too much, lacking knowledge as well. I would be glad to have some experts hints. Thanks a lot Thierry

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comment:1 by DJ Lucas, 6 years ago

Is this the same config as a previous build that did not require it? Some options do require elfutils, as well as OpenSSL. In my builds a I add elfutils, OpenSSL, and Linux Firmware (install all as a single package) as part of my base LFS so that kernel can build as part of my jhalfs run.

comment:2 by ken@…, 6 years ago

There seem to be issue(s) with 4.14.9.

There is a report that the Orc unwinder cannot be turned off in 4.15-rc5 without a really awkward workaround. Reported at and I suppose it is possible that might have leaked into latest 4.14.stable.

But as DJ said, you can build elfutils from BLFS to get around this, and that is what I do on my own builds because I want the orc unwinder.

For the more general problems, see and

comment:3 by bdubbs@…, 6 years ago

This conversation should really have been in ticket #4184.

In any case, we should probably just wait until the next version of linux. From what I can tell, the Orc unwinder is not something that most users would want/need. I normally disable most of the options in kernel hacking anyway.

As a test, I did a standard unpack in the base LFS environment, then ran make defconfig. I did see the kernel unwinder option in the kernel hacking section and reset it to frame pointer unwinder. I was then able to build the kernel without complaint.

If the Orc unwinder option remains the default at the next release, then we should add a discussion about it in the book.

comment:4 by Thierry Nuttens, 6 years ago

I totally agreed and thanks again for helps, kernel lts 4.14.9 compiling again

comment:5 by bdubbs@…, 6 years ago

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