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New point version.

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E2fsprogs 1.43.8 (January 1, 2018)

Fix a bug where updated bitmap checks might not be written to disk. (Addresses Debian Bug: #883869)

Some newly added fields in the superblocks were not getting byte swapped (which were not noticed since big endian systems are amazingly unpopular). Fix them and compile-time checks to avoid this class of bugs from happening in the future. (Lustre Bug #9309)

Fix a potential use after free bug in e2fsck when fixing a corrupted root node in directory hash tree.

Fix a bug in e2fsck where a badly/maliciously corrupted superblock (which is not fixed due to the -n option, for example) can cause a floating point exception when printing the summary statistics. (Addresses Debian Bug: #879220)

Fix debugfs's ncheck command so that it correctly prints the inode number when printing an error message.

Fix a bug in e2freefrag where it could print an incorrect free blocks count on a file system with the 64-bit block number feature.

Update the German, Serbian, Spanish, and Ukrainian translations.

Fix a bug where resize2fs's free blocks sanity check could fail with a false positive and refuse to check a file system with the 64-bit block number feature.

Fix and clarify various man pages and documentations. Also fixed up some random usage texts that were incorrect. (Addresses Debian Bugs: #880483)

Fixed various Debian Packaging Issues. (Addresses Debian Bugs: #880207, #881408, #881590, #881591)

Programming notes

Fix various compiler warnings.

Clean up Makefile output.

Fix compatibility problems with glibc 2.27 casued by a collision with copy_file_range().

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Fixed at revision 11347.

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