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New minor version.

Noteworthy changes in release 4.5 (2018-03-31) [stable]

Bug fixes

sed now fails when matching very long input lines (>2GB). Before, sed would silently ignore the regex without indicating an error. [Bug present at least since sed-3.02]

sed no longer rejects comments and closing braces after y/ commands. [Bug existed at least since sed-3.02]

sed -E --posix no longer ignores special meaning of '+','?','|' . [Bug introduced in the original implementation of --posix option in v4.1a-5-gba68fb4]

sed -i now creates selinux context based on the context of the symlink instead of the symlink target. [Bug present since at least sed-4.2] sed -i --follow-symlinks remains unchanged.

sed now treats the sequence '\x5c' (ASCII 92, backslash) as literal backslash character, not as an escape prefix character. [Bug present since sed-3.02.80]

Old behavior:

     $ echo z | sed -E 's/(z)/\x5c1/' # identical to 's/(z)/\1/'

New behavior:

   $ echo z | sed -E 's/(z)/\x5c1/'

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Fixed at revision 11397.

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