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New point version.

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comment:1 by Bruce Dubbs, 4 years ago

Summary: sysvinit-2.91sysvinit-2.91 (labelled unreleased)

sysvinit (2.91) UNRELEASED; urgency=low

  • Adjusted order of compile flags to make it easier for downstream to adjust optimization level. Patch provided by Matias Fonzo. Can now set optimization level in CFLAGS variable.
  • Added --version command line flag to display current version info. Updated manual page for init.8 to match.
  • Version information is now fetched and defined by the Makefile. No more need to update the version manually in the init.c source.
  • The init process now writes the current runlevel to /var/run/runlevel. This information can be read by the "runlevel" command as well as "halt" and "reboot". Having the information logged in /var/run/runlevel as well as the utmp file means systems without utmp (like those running the musl C library) can still check the current runlevel. This is useful when running halt/reboot as these programs want to check the runlevel.
  • Added patch from Walter Harms which allows pidof to run without displaying output. In this mode pidof simply returns true or false without displaying PID values. Updated manual page with new -q (quiet) mode. Added -h flag for pidof, which was recognized before, but not used. The -h flag now displays brief usage information for pidof.
  • Added check for kernel parameter init.autocon=1. If this exists, then init will try to open its own console. If not, then any console= parameters will be ignored. This avoids conflicts with native kernel created consoles.

comment:2 by Bruce Dubbs, 4 years ago

Summary: sysvinit-2.91 (labelled unreleased)sysvinit-2.92 (labelled unreleased)

Still listed as: sysvinit (2.92) unreleased; urgency=low

  • The shutdown and init commands were using different default delays between sending processes SIGTERM and SIGKILL - they were 3 and 5 seconds, respectively. Unified these on 3 seconds, using a new defined value in init.h. Updated shutdown manual page to reflect the change and better explain how -t and -n flags work. Updated the init manual page with the new default value. The updated documentation resolves Debian bug #375274.
  • Remove PC speaker beep from shutdown process in dowall.c. Closes Debian bug #614893. Patch provided by Andreas Fackler.
  • Removed unused Version variable from wall.c.
  • Updated halt/reboot manual page to acknowledge the -i flag may not properly shut down network interfaces if the interface does not have an IP address. Addresses Debian bug #361935.
  • Applied patch from Daniel Povey which should allow killall5/pidof to avoid locking up if it encounters stopped or zombie processes due to broken NFS mount points. This should allow Debian bug #719273 to be closed.
  • Applied patch from Regid Ichira to clarify shutdown command line options. Updated manual page for shutdown. Closes Debian bug #630661.
  • shutdown command was setting environment variable INIT_HALT to "POWERDOWN", this should have been "POWEROFF" as specified in the manual page. Fixed code to match manual page and init scripts. Closes Debian bugs #717531 and #590895
  • Added -l flag to "last" command. When used it allows "last" to display usernames longer than 8 characters long.
  • Added -q and -Q flags to shutdown command to make the "system is going down" message appear less often. The -q flag causes messages to only appear at the 10 minute, 5 minute and x-hour intervals. The -Q flag maintains complete silence up until the final "now" warning.
  • Mention GRUB as a potential boot loader in init page since LILO is rarely used anymore, outside of Slackware.
  • Swapped out ECHOPRT for ECHOE in stty settings when init brings up emergency console. Should make backspace-erasing characters work more naturally. Closes Debian bug #402847.
  • Updated src/Makefile to make sure we build all the software before attempting to install.
  • Removed typos from pidof manual page and killall5 page. Closes Debian bugs #815839, #905245 and #890478
  • Added -f <format> option to pidof program to allow printf style formating. Closes Debian bug #571590
  • Added new tool (readbootlog) which will read the /var/log/boot file produced by bootlogd. The output is displayed cleaned up so there are no control characters. This avoids the need to use sed or related tools to try to clean up the contents of the log.
  • Added manual page for readbootlog program. Updated bootlogd page to reference it. Closes Debian bug #725123.
  • Updated the shutdown manual page to try to make it more clear where we are talking about an initscript called halt or the halt program. Likewise whether we are talking about the shutdown process or the specific shutdown program. Should address Debian bug #374039.
  • Added patch from Samuel Thibault to make project compile on Hurd branch of Debian.

comment:3 by Bruce Dubbs, 4 years ago

Summary: sysvinit-2.92 (labelled unreleased)sysvinit-2.93

And just now released: sysvinit (2.93) released; urgency=low

  • Fixed typo in pidof which would prevent the -o (omit PID) flag from working.

comment:4 by Bruce Dubbs, 4 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

Fixed at revision 11490.

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