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util-linux v2.34

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Util-linux 2.34 Release Notes

Release highlights

hardlink -- NEW COMMAND to consolidate duplicate files via hardlinks has been merged into util-linux. The new command is not enabled by default. The original author is Jakub Jelinek.

The command lsblk(8) has been rewritten. Now it keeps all hierarchy of the block devices in memory before it's printed. It allows to modify or reorder the graph. The new features based on this functionality are:

  • output de-duplication by --dedup, for example 'lsblk --dedup WWN' to de-duplicate devices by WWN number (e.g. multi-path devices)

The command umount(8) now supports user unmount for FUSE mounts. The requirement is FUSE specific user_id=<uid> in /proc/self/mountinfo for the filesystem.

The command mount(8) now allows to use "--all -o remount". In this case all filters (-t and -O) are applied to the table of already mounted filesystems.

The command su(1) now prefers /etc/default/su over /etc/login.defs and ENV_SUPATH over ENV_ROOTPATH. The option --pty has been improved and it is not marked as experimental anymore.

The command unshare(1) now allows set user ID and group ID by new command line options -S/--setuid and -G/--setgid; and new options -R/--root and -w/--wd allows to set root and working directory (like nsenter(1)).

The command lscpu(1) now prints 'Frequency boost' and 'Vulnerability' fields. The caches calculation has been modified to print summary from all system caches rather than per code numbers.

The command logger(1) merges multiple MESSAGE= lines into one journald message.

The library libblkid now does not depend on libuuid and newly supports DRBD9 detection.

The libsmartcols has been extended to support N:M relationships when print tree-like output. This new feature is used by new lsblk --merge output.

The systemd services for fstrim and uuidd now contains hardening settings to improve security and service isolation.

The command fstrim now trims also root filesystem on --fstab and checks for read-only filesystems on --all and --fstab.

The package build-system now accepts --enable-asan to compile commands and execute regression tests with addresses sanitizer.

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Now 2.34

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