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New point version.

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comment:1 by Bruce Dubbs, 3 years ago

E2fsprogs 1.45.3 (July 14, 2019)

Updates/Fixes since v1.45.2:

UI and Features

Whether or not automatic online scrubs will be run is now controlled by a setting in /etc/e2scrub.conf. To enable automatic online scrubs, uncomment out the line containing "periodic_e2scrub=1".

The fuse2fs program is now installed in /usr/bin instead of /usr/sbin, since it does not require root privileges.

Fuse2fs now works with if fusermount from FUSE V3 is installed. However, in order to provide this compatibility, if you are using a fusermount from FUSE v2, and you want to mount on top of a non-empty directory, you will need to specify -o nonempty explicitly. FUSE V3 always allows mounting on top of non-empty directories, and will fail if the user or fuse2fs passes the nonempty option.


Fixed a bug which caused e2fsck to improperly handle file systems that enabled both the large_dir and inline directories at the same time.

E2scrub_all now correctly handles an encrypted (LUKS) ext[234] file system stacked on top of an LVM volume.

Fixed a bug in "E2scrub_all -r" where it was incorrectly specifying which volume needed to have its e2scrub snapshot cleaned up.

Fixed the Czech, Dutch, German, and Vietnamese translations which improperly used positional markers which broke a few translated e2fsck problem descriptions.

Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.

Fixed various debian packaging issues.

Fixed error checking for calls to posix_{memalign,fadvise}.

Add regression test for checking a file system using fs-verity.

Various regression test cleanups.

Fixed various compiler warnings.

Added xgettext markers to fix incorrectly marked strings in the e2fsprogs translations template file as being c-style printf strings when in fact they aren't.

Added utility script which generates the release tarfile using git archive.

Update the Czech, Dutch, and Portuguese translations from the Translation Project.

comment:2 by Bruce Dubbs, 3 years ago

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Fixed at revision 11642.

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