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Reported by: Douglas R. Reno Owned by: lfs-book
Priority: normal Milestone: 9.1
Component: Book Version: SVN
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New minor version (to correspond with a new kernel version)

Change History (2)

comment:1 by Bruce Dubbs, 3 years ago

Andrea Claudi (4):

  • tunnel: factorize printout of GRE key and flags
  • ip tunnel: add json output
  • bpf: replace snprintf with asprintf when dealing with long buffers
  • tc: fix segmentation fault on gact action

Aya Levin (3):

  • devlink: Add helper for left justification print
  • devlink: Left justification on FMSG output
  • devlink: Fix inconsistency between command input and output

Damien Robert (1):

  • man: add reference to ip route add encap ... src

David Ahern (3):

  • Import tc_act/tc_ct.h uapi file
  • Update kernel headers
  • Update kernel headers

David Dai (1):

  • iproute2-next: police: support 64bit rate and peakrate in tc utility

Dirk van der Merwe (2):

  • devlink: add 'reset_dev_on_drv_probe' devlink param
  • devlink: unknown 'fw_load_policy' string validation

Donald Sharp (1):

  • ip nexthop: Allow flush|list operations to specify a specific protocol

Eli Britstein (5):

  • tc_util: introduce a function to print JSON/non-JSON masked numbers
  • tc_util: add an option to print masked numbers with/without a newline
  • tc: flower: fix newline prints for ct-mark and ct-zone
  • tc_util: fix JSON prints for ct-mark and ct-zone
  • tc: flower: fix output for ip tos and ttl

Florent Fourcot (1):

  • man: remove "defaut group" sentence on ip link

Gal Pressman (1):

  • rdma: Add driver QP type string

Guillaume Nault (1):

  • man: remove ppp from list of devices not allowed to change netns

Hritik Vijay (1):

  • ss: show header for --processes/-p

Ido Schimmel (4):

  • devlink: Increase number of supported options
  • devlink: Add devlink trap set and show commands
  • devlink: Add devlink trap group set and show commands
  • devlink: Add man page for devlink-trap

Jakub Kicinski (1):

  • devlink: require resource parameters

Jiri Pirko (3):

  • devlink: implement flash update status monitoring
  • devlink: implement flash status monitoring
  • devlink: add reload failed indication

Julien Fortin (1):

  • ip: fix ip route show json output for multipath nexthops

Michał Łyszczek (3):

  • ipnetns: do not check netns NAME when -all is specified
  • rdma/sys.c: fix possible out-of-bound array access
  • libnetlink.c, ss.c: properly handle fread() errors

Nicolas Dichtel (3):

  • ipnetns: enable to dump nsid conversion table
  • ip-netns.8: document the 'auto' keyword of 'ip netns set'
  • ip-netns.8: document target-nsid and nsid options of list-id

Paul Blakey (3):

  • tc: add NLA_F_NESTED flag to all actions options nested block
  • tc: Introduce tc ct action
  • tc: flower: Add matching on conntrack info

Roman Mashak (2):

  • man: tc-ematch.8: update list of filter using extended matches
  • man: tc-ematch.8: documented canid() ematch rule

Stephen Hemminger (12):

  • uapi: update headers from 5.4-rc
  • uapi: update btf from 5.4-rc1
  • examples: remove out of date cbq stuff
  • examples: remove gaiconf
  • examples: remove diffserv
  • remove out of date README
  • don't install examples
  • uapi: SPDX license updates
  • uapi: devlink.h health timestamp
  • remove no longer useful README for lnstat
  • netem: remove redundant README
  • v5.4.0

Thomas Haller (1):

  • man: add note to ip-macsec manual about necessary key management

Vedang Patel (4):

  • etf: Add skip_sock_check
  • taprio: add support for setting txtime_delay.
  • tc: etf: Add documentation for skip_sock_check.
  • tc: taprio: Update documentation

Vinicius Costa Gomes (1):

  • taprio: Add support for setting flags

Vlad Buslov (1):

  • tc: remove duplicated NEXT_ARG_FWD() in parse_ct()

comment:2 by Bruce Dubbs, 3 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at revision 11702.

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