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New version.

Seems to be a bugfix release, with no new features. I'll take care of it after Bruce's mega update this weekend.

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        * Support for the cpuset cgroups v2 controller has been added.
          Processes may be restricted to specific CPUs using the new
          AllowedCPUs= setting, and to specific memory NUMA nodes using the new
          AllowedMemoryNodes= setting.

        * The signal used in restart jobs (as opposed to e.g. stop jobs) may
          now be configured using a new RestartKillSignal= setting. This
          allows units which signals to request termination to implement
          different behaviour when stopping in preparation for a restart.

        * "systemctl clean" may now be used also for socket, mount, and swap

        * systemd will also read configuration options from the EFI variable
          SystemdOptions. This may be used to configure systemd behaviour when
          modifying the kernel command line is inconvenient, but configuration
          on disk is read too late, for example for the options related to
          cgroup hierarchy setup. 'bootctl systemd-efi-options' may be used to
          set the EFI variable.

        * systemd will now disable printk ratelimits in early boot. This should
          allow us to capture more logs from the early boot phase where normal
          storage is not available and the kernel ring buffer is used for
          logging. Configuration on the kernel command line has higher priority
          and overrides the systemd setting.

          systemd programs which log to /dev/kmsg directly use internal
          ratelimits to prevent runaway logging. (Normally this is only used
          during early boot, so in practice this change has very little

        * Unit files now support top level dropin directories of the form
          <unit_type>.d/ (e.g. service.d/) that may be used to add configuration
          that affects all corresponding unit files.

        * systemctl gained support for 'stop --job-mode=triggering' which will
          stop the specified unit and any units which could trigger it.

        * Unit status display now includes units triggering and triggered by
          the unit being shown.

        * The RuntimeMaxSec= setting is now supported by scopes, not just
          .service units. This is particularly useful for PAM sessions which
          create a scope unit for the user login. systemd.runtime_max_sec=
          setting may used with the pam_systemd module to limit the duration
          of the PAM session, for example for time-limited logins.

        * A new @pkey system call group is now defined to make it easier to
          whitelist memory protection syscalls for containers and services
          which need to use them.

        * systemd-udevd: removed the 30s timeout for killing stale workers on
          exit. systemd-udevd now waits for workers to finish. The hard-coded
          exit timeout of 30s was too short for some large installations, where
          driver initialization could be prematurely interrupted during initrd
          processing if the root file system had been mounted and init was
          preparing to switch root. If udevd is run without systemd and workers
          are hanging while udevd receives an exit signal, udevd will now exit
          when udev.event_timeout is reached for the last hanging worker. With
          systemd, the exit timeout can additionally be configured using
          TimeoutStopSec= in systemd-udevd.service.

        * udev now provides a program (fido_id) that identifies FIDO CTAP1
          ("U2F")/CTAP2 security tokens based on the usage declared in their
          report and descriptor and outputs suitable environment variables.
          This replaces the externally maintained whitelists of all known
          security tokens that were used previously.

        * Automatically generated autosuspend udev rules for whitelisted
          devices have been imported from the Chromium OS project. This should
          improve power saving with many more devices.

        * udev gained a new "CONST{key}=value" setting that allows matching
          against system-wide constants without forking a helper binary.
          Currently "arch" and "virt" keys are supported.

        * udev now opens CDROMs in non-exclusive mode when querying their
          capabilities. This should fix issues where other programs trying to
          use the CDROM cannot gain access to it, but carries a risk of
          interfering with programs writing to the disk, if they did not open
          the device in exclusive mode as they should.

        * systemd-networkd does not create a default route for IPv4 link local
          addressing anymore. The creation of the route was unexpected and was
          breaking routing in various cases, but people who rely on it being
          created implicitly will need to adjust. Such a route may be requested
          with DefaultRouteOnDevice=yes.

          Similarly, systemd-networkd will not assign a link-local IPv6 address
          when IPv6 link-local routing is not enabled.

        * Receive and transmit buffers may now be configured on links with
          the new RxBufferSize= and TxBufferSize= settings.

        * systemd-networkd may now advertise additional IPv6 routes. A new
          [IPv6RoutePrefix] section with Route= and LifetimeSec= options is
          now supported.

        * systemd-networkd may now configure "next hop" routes using the
          [NextHop] section and Gateway= and Id= settings.

        * systemd-networkd will now retain DHCP config on restarts by default
          (but this may be overridden using the KeepConfiguration= setting).
          The default for SendRelease= has been changed to true.

        * The DHCPv4 client now uses the OPTION_INFORMATION_REFRESH_TIME option
          received from the server.

          The client will use the received SIP server list if UseSIP=yes is

          The client may be configured to request specific options from the
          server using a new RequestOptions= setting.

          The client may be configured to send arbitrary options to the server
          using a new SendOption= setting.

          A new IPServiceType= setting has been added to configure the "IP
          service type" value used by the client.

        * The DHCPv6 client learnt a new PrefixDelegationHint= option to
          request prefix hints in the DHCPv6 solicitation.

        * The DHCPv4 server may be configured to send arbitrary options using
          a new SendOption= setting.

        * The DHCPv4 server may now be configured to emit SIP server list using
          the new EmitSIP= and SIP= settings.

        * systemd-networkd and networkctl may now renew DHCP leases on demand.
          networkctl has a new 'networkctl renew' verb.

        * systemd-networkd may now reconfigure links on demand. networkctl
          gained two new verbs: "reload" will reload the configuration, and
          "reconfigure DEVICE…" will reconfigure one or more devices.

        * .network files may now match on SSID and BSSID of a wireless network,
          i.e. the access point name and hardware address using the new SSID=
          and BSSID= options. networkctl will display the current SSID and
          BSSID for wireless links.

          .network files may also match on the wireless network type using the
          new WLANInterfaceType= option.

        * systemd-networkd now includes default configuration that enables
          link-local addressing when connected to an ad-hoc wireless network.

        * systemd-networkd may configure the Traffic Control queueing
          disciplines in the kernel using the new
          [TrafficControlQueueingDiscipline] section and Parent=,
          NetworkEmulatorDelaySec=, NetworkEmulatorDelayJitterSec=,
          NetworkEmulatorPacketLimit=, NetworkEmulatorLossRate=,
          NetworkEmulatorDuplicateRate= settings.

        * systemd-tmpfiles gained a new w+ setting to append to files.

        * systemd-analyze dump will now report when the memory configuration in
          the kernel does not match what systemd has configured (usually,
          because some external program has modified the kernel configuration
          on its own).

        * systemd-analyze gained a new --base-time= switch instructs the
          'calendar' verb to resolve times relative to that timestamp instead
          of the present time.

        * journalctl --update-catalog now produces deterministic output (making
          reproducible image builds easier).

        * A new devicetree-overlay setting is now documented in the Boot Loader

        * The default value of the WatchdogSec= setting used in systemd
          services (the ones bundled with the project itself) may be set at
          configuration time using the -Dservice-watchdog= setting. If set to
          empty, the watchdogs will be disabled.

	* systemd-resolved validates IP addresses in certificates now when GnuTLS
	  is being used.

        * libcryptsetup >= 2.0.1 is now required.

        * A configuration option -Duser-path= may be used to override the $PATH
          used by the user service manager. The default is again to use the same
          path as the system manager.

        * The systemd-id128 tool gained a new switch "-u" (or "--uuid") for
          outputting the 128bit IDs in UUID format (i.e. in the "canonical

        * Service units gained a new sandboxing option ProtectKernelLogs= which
          makes sure the program cannot get direct access to the kernel log
          buffer anymore, i.e. the syslog() system call (not to be confused
          with the API of the same name in libc, which is not affected), the
          /proc/kmsg and /dev/kmsg nodes and the CAP_SYSLOG capability are made
          inaccessible to the service. It's recommended to enable this setting
          for all services that should not be able to read from or write to the
          kernel log buffer, which are probably almost all.

        Contributions from: Aaron Plattner, Alcaro, Anita Zhang, Balint Reczey,
        Bastien Nocera, Baybal Ni, Benjamin Bouvier, Benjamin Gilbert, Carlo
        Teubner, cbzxt, Chen Qi, Chris Down, Christian Rebischke, Claudio
        Zumbo, ClydeByrdIII, crashfistfight, Cyprien Laplace, Daniel Edgecumbe,
        Daniel Gorbea, Daniel Rusek, Daniel Stuart, Dan Streetman, David
        Pedersen, David Tardon, Dimitri John Ledkov, Dominique Martinet, Donald
        A. Cupp Jr, Evgeny Vereshchagin, Fabian Henneke, Filipe Brandenburger,
        Franck Bui, Frantisek Sumsal, Georg Müller, Hans de Goede, Haochen
        Tong, HATAYAMA Daisuke, Iwan Timmer, Jan Janssen, Jan Kundrát, Jan
        Synacek, Jan Tojnar, Jay Strict, Jérémy Rosen, Jóhann B. Guðmundsson,
        Jonas Jelten, Jonas Thelemann, Justin Trudell, J. Xing, Kai-Heng Feng,
        Kenneth D'souza, Kevin Becker, Kevin Kuehler, Lennart Poettering,
        Léonard Gérard, Lorenz Bauer, Luca Boccassi, Maciej Stanczew, Mario
        Limonciello, Marko Myllynen, Mark Stosberg, Martin Wilck, matthiasroos,
        Michael Biebl, Michael Olbrich, Michael Tretter, Michal Sekletar,
        Michal Sekletár, Michal Suchanek, Mike Gilbert, Mike Kazantsev, Nicolas
        Douma, nikolas, Norbert Lange, pan93412, Pascal de Bruijn, Paul Menzel,
        Pavel Hrdina, Peter Wu, Philip Withnall, Piotr Drąg, Rafael Fontenelle,
        Renaud Métrich, Riccardo Schirone, RoadrunnerWMC, Ronan Pigott, Ryan
        Attard, Sebastian Wick, Serge, Siddharth Chandrasekara, Steve Ramage,
        Steve Traylen, Susant Sahani, Thibault Nélis, Tim Teichmann, Tom
        Fitzhenry, Tommy J, Torsten Hilbrich, Vito Caputo, ypf791, Yu Watanabe,
        Zach Smith, Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek

        – Warsaw, 2019-11-29

comment:3 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

systemd man pages for 244 are now available at

comment:4 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

The sed for the render group removal needs to be changed to point to rules.d instead of rules

comment:5 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

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Fixed at r11706

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