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New minor version.

## 3.1.1

This is a production release that adds two Spanish locales. Users do *NOT* need to upgrade, unless they want those locales.

## 3.1.0

This is a production release that adjusts one behavior, fixes eight bugs, and improves manpages for FreeBSD. Because this release fixes bugs, users and package maintainers should update to this version as soon as possible.

The behavior that was adjusted was how code from the -e and -f arguments (and equivalents) were executed. They used to be executed as one big chunk, but in this release, they are now executed line-by-line.

The first bug fix in how output to stdout was handled in SIGINT. If a SIGINT came in, the stdout buffer was not correctly flushed. In fact, a clean-up function was not getting called. This release fixes that bug.

The second bug is in how dc handled input from stdin. This affected bc as well since it was a mishandling of the stdin buffer.

The third fixed bug was that bc and dc could abort() (in debug mode) when receiving a SIGTERM. This one was a race condition with pushing and popping items onto and out of vectors.

The fourth bug fixed was that bc could leave extra items on the stack and thus, not properly clean up some memory. (The memory would still get free()'ed, but it would not be free()'ed when it could have been.)

The next two bugs were bugs in bc's parser that caused crashes when executing the resulting code.

The last two bugs were crashes in dc that resulted from mishandling of strings.

The manpage improvement was done by switching from [ronn][20] to [Pandoc][21] to generate manpages. Pandoc generates much cleaner manpages and doesn't leave blank lines where they shouldn't be.

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Summary: bc-3.1.1bc-3.1.3

Now version 3.1.3.

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## 3.1.3

This is a production release that fixes one minor bug: if bc was invoked like the following, it would error:

` echo "if (1 < 3) 1" | bc `

Unless users run into this bug, they do not need to upgrade, but it is suggested that they do.

## 3.1.2

This is a production release that adds a way to install *all* locales. Users do *NOT* need to upgrade.

For package maintainers wishing to make use of the change, just pass -l to

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Fixed at revision 11998.

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