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New point version.

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comment:1 by Bruce Dubbs, 7 months ago

Summary: zstd-1.4.7zstd-1.4.8

Now version 1.4.8.

comment:2 by Bruce Dubbs, 7 months ago

v1.4.8  (Dec 18, 2020)
hotfix: wrong alignment of an internal buffer

v1.4.7  (Dec 16, 2020)
perf: stronger --long mode at high compression levels, by @senhuang42
perf: stronger --patch-from at high compression levels, thanks to --long improvements
perf: faster dictionary compression at medium compression levels, by @felixhandte
perf: small speed & memory usage improvements for ZSTD_compress2(), by @terrelln
perf: improved fast compression speeds with Visual Studio, by @animalize
cli : Set nb of threads with environment variable ZSTD_NBTHREADS, by @senhuang42
cli : accept decompressing files with *.zstd suffix
cli : provide a condensed summary by default when processing multiple files
cli : fix : stdin input no longer confused as user prompt
cli : improve accuracy of several error messages
api : new sequence ingestion API, by @senhuang42
api : shared thread pool: control total nb of threads used by multiple compression jobs, by @marxin
api : new ZSTD_getDictID_fromCDict(), by @LuAPi
api : zlibWrapper only uses public API, and is compatible with dynamic library, by @terrelln
api : fix : multithreaded compression has predictable output even in special cases (see #2327) (issue not accessible from cli)
api : fix : dictionary compression correctly respects dictionary compression level (see #2303) (issue not accessible from cli)
build: fix cmake script when using path with spaces, by @terrelln
build: improved compile-time detection of aarch64/neon platforms, by @bsdimp
build: Fix building on AIX 5.1, by @likema
build: compile paramgrill with cmake on Windows, requested by @mirh
doc : clarify repcode updates in format specification, by @felixhandte

fix : Always return dstSize_tooSmall when that is the case
fix : Fix ZSTD_initCStream_advanced() with static allocation and no dictionary
perf: Improve small block decompression speed by 20%+, by @terrelln
perf: Reduce compression stack usage by 1 KB, by @terrelln
perf: Improve decompression speed by improving ZSTD_wildcopy, by @helloguo (#2252, #2256)
perf: Improve histogram construction, by @cyan4973 (#2253)
cli : Add --output-dir-mirror option, by @xxie24 (#2219)
cli : Warn when (de)compressing multiple files into a single output, by @senhuang42 (#2279)
cli : Improved progress bar and status summary when (de)compressing multiple files, by @senhuang42 (#2283)
cli : Call stat less often, by @felixhandte (#2262)
cli : Allow --patch-from XXX and --filelist XXX in addition to --patch-from=XXX and --filelist=XXX, by @cyan4973 (#2250)
cli : Allow --patch-from to compress stdin with --stream-size, by @bimbashrestha (#2206)
api : Do not install zbuff.h, since it has long been deprecated, by @cyan4973 (#2166).
api : Fix ZSTD_CCtx_setParameter() with ZSTD_c_compressionLevel to make 0 mean default level, by @i-do-cpp (#2291)
api : Rename ZSTDMT_NBTHREADS_MAX to ZSTDMT_NBWORKERS_MAX, by @marxin (#2228).
build: Install pkg-config file with CMake and MinGW, by @tonytheodore (#2183)
build: Install DLL with CMake on Windows, by @BioDataAnalysis (#2221)
build: Fix DLL install location with CMake, by @xantares and @bimbashrestha (#2186)
build: Add ZSTD_NO_UNUSED_FUNCTIONS macro to hide unused functions
build: Add ZSTD_NO_INTRINSICS macro to avoid explicit intrinsics
build: Add STATIC_BMI2 macro for compile time detection of BMI2 on MSVC, by @Niadb (#2258)
build: Fix -Wcomma warnings, by @cwoffenden
build: Remove distutils requirement for meson build, by @neheb (#2197)
build: Fix cli compilation with uclibc
build: Fix cli compilation without st_mtime, by @ffontaine (#2246)
build: Fix shadowing warnings in library
build: Fix single file library compilation with Enscripten, by @yoshihitoh (#2227)
misc: Improve single file library and include dictBuilder, by @cwoffenden
misc: Allow compression dictionaries with missing symbols
misc: Add freestanding translation script in contrib/freestanding_lib
misc: Collect all of zstd's libc dependencies into zstd_deps.h
doc : Add ZSTD_versionString() to manual, by @animalize
doc : Fix documentation for ZSTD_CCtxParams_setParameter(), by @felixhandte (#2270)

comment:3 by Bruce Dubbs, 7 months ago

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at revision 12074.

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