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New point version.

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Python 3.9.6 final

Release date: 2021-06-28

    bpo-44022: mod:http.client now avoids infinitely reading potential HTTP headers after a 100 Continue status response from the server.

Core and Builtins

    bpo-44409: Fix error location information for tokenizer errors raised on initialization of the tokenizer. Patch by Pablo Galindo.

    bpo-43667: Improve Unicode support in non-UTF locales on Oracle Solaris. This issue does not affect other Solaris systems.

    bpo-44168: Fix error message in the parser involving keyword arguments with invalid expressions. Patch by Pablo Galindo

    bpo-44114: Fix incorrect dictkeys_reversed and dictitems_reversed function signatures in C code, which broke webassembly builds.

    bpo-44070: No longer eagerly makes import filenames absolute, except for extension modules, which was introduced in 3.9.5.

    bpo-28146: Fix a confusing error message in str.format().

    bpo-11105: When compiling ast.AST objects with recursive references through compile(), the interpreter doesn’t crash anymore instead it raises a RecursionError.


    bpo-44516: Update vendored pip to 21.1.3

    bpo-44482: Fix very unlikely resource leak in glob in alternate Python implementations.

    bpo-44439: Fix in bz2.BZ2File.write() / lzma.LZMAFile.write() methods, when the input data is an object that supports the buffer protocol, the file length may be wrong.

    bpo-44434: _thread.start_new_thread() no longer calls PyThread_exit_thread() explicitly at the thread exit, the call was redundant. On Linux with the glibc, pthread_exit() aborts the whole process if dlopen() fails to open file (ex: EMFILE error). Patch by Victor Stinner.

    bpo-44422: The threading.enumerate() function now uses a reentrant lock to prevent a hang on reentrant call. Patch by Victor Stinner.

    bpo-44395: Fix as_string() to pass unixfrom properly. Patch by Dong-hee Na.

    bpo-44342: [Enum] Be more robust in searching for pickle support before making an enum class unpicklable.

    bpo-44356: [Enum] Allow multiple data-type mixins if they are all the same.

    bpo-44254: On Mac, give turtledemo button text a color that works on both light or dark background. Programmers cannot control the latter.

    bpo-44145: hmac computations were not releasing the GIL while calling the OpenSSL HMAC_Update C API (a new feature in 3.9). This unintentionally prevented parallel computation as other hashlib algorithms support.

    bpo-37788: Fix a reference leak when a Thread object is never joined.

    bpo-44061: Fix regression in previous release when calling pkgutil.iter_modules() with a list of pathlib.Path objects

    bpo-36515: The hashlib module no longer does unaligned memory accesses when compiled for ARM platforms.

    bpo-44018: random.seed() no longer mutates bytearray inputs.

    bpo-38352: Add IO, BinaryIO, TextIO, Match, and Pattern to typing.__all__. Patch by Jelle Zijlstra.

    bpo-43972: When http.server.SimpleHTTPRequestHandler sends a 301 (Moved Permanently) for a directory path not ending with /, add a Content-Length: 0 header. This improves the behavior for certain clients.

    bpo-28528: Fix a bug in pdb where checkline() raises AttributeError if it is called after reset().

    bpo-43776: When subprocess.Popen args are provided as a string or as pathlib.Path, the Popen instance repr now shows the right thing.

    bpo-43666: AIX: Lib/_aix_support.get_platform() may fail in an AIX WPAR. The fileset bos.rte appears to have a builddate in both LPAR and WPAR so this fileset is queried rather than bos.mp64. To prevent a similiar situation (no builddate in ODM) a value (9988) sufficient for completing a build is provided. Patch by M Felt.

    bpo-43650: Fix MemoryError in shutil.unpack_archive() which fails inside shutil._unpack_zipfile() on large files. Patch by Igor Bolshakov.

    bpo-43318: Fix a bug where pdb does not always echo cleared breakpoints.

    bpo-43295: datetime.datetime.strptime() now raises ValueError instead of IndexError when matching 'z' with the %z format specifier.

    bpo-37022: pdb now displays exceptions from repr() with its p and pp commands.


    bpo-40620: Convert examples in tutorial controlflow.rst section 4.3 to be interpreter-demo style.

    bpo-13814: In the Design FAQ, answer “Why don’t generators support the with statement?”

    bpo-44392: Added a new section in the C API documentation for types used in type hinting. Documented Py_GenericAlias and Py_GenericAliasType.

    bpo-38291: Mark and as deprecated since Python 3.8 in the documentation. They were never properly supported by type checkers.

    bpo-44322: Document that SyntaxError args have a details tuple and that details are adjusted for errors in f-string field replacement expressions.

    bpo-44195: Corrected references to TraversableResources in docs. There is no TraversableReader.

    bpo-41963: Document that ConfigParser strips off comments when reading configuration files.

    bpo-44072: Correct where in the numeric ABC hierarchy ** support is added, i.e., in numbers.Complex, not numbers.Integral.

    bpo-43558: Add the remark to dataclasses documentation that the __init__() of any base class has to be called in __post_init__(), along with a code example.

    bpo-41621: Document that collections.defaultdict parameter default_factory defaults to None and is positional-only.


    bpo-44287: Fix asyncio test_popen() of test_windows_utils by using a longer timeout. Use military grade battle-tested timeout rather than a hardcoded timeout of 10 seconds: it’s 30 seconds by default, but it is made longer on slow buildbots. Patch by Victor Stinner.

    bpo-44363: Account for address sanitizer in test_capi. test_capi now passes when run GCC address sanitizer.


    bpo-40128: Mostly fix completions on macOS when not using tcl/tk 8.6.11 (as with 3.9). The added update_idletask call should be harmless and possibly helpful otherwise.

    bpo-33962: Move the indent space setting from the Font tab to the new Windows tab. Patch by Mark Roseman and Terry Jan Reedy.

    bpo-40468: Split the settings dialog General tab into Windows and Shell/ED tabs. Move help sources, which extend the Help menu, to the Extensions tab. Make space for new options and shorten the dialog. The latter makes the dialog better fit small screens.

    bpo-41611: Avoid uncaught exceptions in AutoCompleteWindow.winconfig_event().

    bpo-41611: Fix IDLE sometimes freezing upon tab-completion on macOS.


    bpo-44074: Make patchcheck automatically detect the correct base branch name (previously it was hardcoded to ‘master’)


    bpo-44441: Py_RunMain() now resets PyImport_Inittab to its initial value at exit. It must be possible to call PyImport_AppendInittab() or PyImport_ExtendInittab() at each Python initialization. Patch by Victor Stinner.

    bpo-42083: Fix crash in PyStructSequence_NewType() when passed NULL in the documentation string slot.

Bump up the priority one level due to BPO-44022

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