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New point version.

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Move to lfs-11.0-rc3

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E2fsprogs 1.46.4 (August 18, 2021)

UI and Features

  • The defaults for mke2fs now call for 256 byte inodes for all file systems (with the exception of file systems for the GNU Hurd, which only supports 128 byte inodes). Creating non-Hurd file systems with 128 byte inodes will trigger a warning message to make sure users are aware of the potential problems of using small/legacy inode sizes.
  • The bigalloc feature is now considered supported if the cluster size no more than 16 times the block size. So the mke2fs program has been changes to only warn if the cluster size is larger than that.


  • E2fsck now checks to make sure directory entries do not reference internal quota inodes.
  • E2image now includes the quota inodes when creating file system image, since they are part of the file system metadata.
  • E2fsck now properly accounts the quota usage of the project quota file.
  • Fix a regression introduced in 1.64.3 where attempting to create a file system image using mke2fs into a non-existent file would fail. (Addresses Debian Bug: #992094)
  • Fix mke2fs to correctly create Posix ACL's on big-endian systems when copying files from a directory hierarchy.
  • Updated and clarified the resize2fs man pages.

Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.

  • Improve various regression tests to be more portable and to reflect the new default inode size of 256 byte inodes, even for small file systems.
  • Fixed a GNU Hurd portability problem which was causing tests to fail.
  • Fixed a test failure in f_baddotdir on big-endian systems. This wasn't necessarily a bug per se in e2fsck, but rather e2fsck having different behaviour on big-endian systems.
  • Use in e2scrub_reap.service.
  • Synchronize e2fsck/recovery.c with the kernel's fs/jbd2/recovery.c
  • Fix various Coverity and compiler warnings.
  • Fix various error pathes to make sure we don't leak resources or potentially use or try to free uninitialized pointers.
  • Added a setup-schroot command for use on Debian porter boxes.
  • Updated config.guess and config.sub with newer versions from the FSF.
  • Update Czech, Dutch, French, Polish, Portuguese, and Swedish translations.

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Fixed at commit 49170b0a844cd67a78b0ec76af867a7cf34d559f

Package updates for lfs-11.0-rc3
    LFS-11.0-rc3 released.
    Update to e2fsprogs-1.46.4.
    Update to meson-0.59.1.
    Update to util-linux 2.37.2.
    Update to linux-5.13.12.
    Update to libcap-2.53.
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