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New minor version.

Release notes for 2.61 2021-11-20 22:20:04 -0800

  • Better error handling of the numerical arguments for capsh and setcap.
  • Fix executable mode for all of the .so files. There were two situations where this was failing (with a hard to debug SIGSEGV inside libc). Solution related to stack alignment and use of SSE instructions:
  • glibc and the 32-bit x86 mode
  • musl runtime library for 64-bit x86 code
  • Added an example of a shared library object with its own file capability.
    • It demonstrates how to give a shared library a file capability and offer it as a linkable privileged API service to an otherwise unprivileged binary.
  • Fix the top-level include for Make.Rules in the contrib/sucap example application
  • Add support for running constructors at start up time when running as stand alone binary.
    • This enables the binary executable to print out some dynamically generated content when given the --summary argument.

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Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at commit bdc9e03b781ef2e4731cb45dfe3919cfb460d764

Package updates.
    Update to vim-8.2.3704.
    Update to iana-etc-20211124.
    Update to bc-5.2.1.
    Update to meson-0.60.2.
    Update to linux-5.15.5.
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