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New minor version, moved to gitlab


I spotted this while looking at Arch's recent package updates list.

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Take new LFS packages, will use them in my Chapter 8.

comment:2 by Xi Ruoyao, 20 months ago

man-db 2.10.0 (4 February 2022)


 * Move Git repository to GitLab (https://gitlab.com/cjwatson/man-db).
 * Building man-db now requires a C99 compiler.
 * Building man-db now requires Autoconf >= 2.64.


 * Manpath deduplication no longer mishandles the case where another entry
   in the manpath is a suffix of a candidate path to append.
 * Fix potential crash in path searching if `getcwd` fails for reasons other
   than running out of memory.
 * Fix crash in `globbing` test tool if run with no non-option arguments.
 * `lexgrog` now produces output in the user's locale.
 * Downgrade "malformed .lf request" warning to a debug message and rephrase
   it somewhat, since `.lf` requests can use `*roff` arithmetic expressions
   and we can't reasonably parse those.
 * Avoid modifying the database without changing its mtime, which had been
   possible since 2.7.0 if `mandb`'s purge phase found work to do but the
   main phase didn't, and which confused some backup systems into reporting
   possible filesystem corruption.
 * `man` no longer inadvertently modifies the `MANSECT` environment variable
   before passing it on to its subprocesses.
 * `mandb` now stores the mtime of link targets as the mtime of their
   corresponding database entries, rather than sometimes storing the mtime
   of the link instead.
 * Since man-db 2.4.2, `man` has behaved as if the `-l` option was given if
   a manual page argument contains a slash.  Since man-db 2.5.6, this has
   interacted slightly poorly with the subpage feature, emitting spurious
   error messages if given multiple manual page arguments some of which
   include a slash.  `man` no longer emits spurious error messages in this


 * Reduce overhead of `MAN_DISABLE_SECCOMP=1` compared to building without
 * Document `MAN_DISABLE_SECCOMP` and `PIPELINE_DEBUG` environment variables
   in `man(1)`.
 * Add `man-pages(7)` reference to `man(1)`.
 * Recognize Arabic and Persian translations of the `NAME` section.
 * Delay the `systemd` timer using `RandomizedDelaySec`, so that multiple
   containers/VMs on the same host are less prone to running `mandb` all at
   the same time.
 * Significantly improve `mandb(8)` and `man -K` performance in the common
   case where pages are of moderate size and compressed using `zlib`: `mandb
   -c` goes from 344 seconds to 10 seconds on a test system.

comment:3 by Xi Ruoyao, 20 months ago

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Fixed for trunk.

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