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Reported by: Bruce Dubbs Owned by: lfs-book
Priority: normal Milestone: 11.2
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New minor version.

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comment:1 by Bruce Dubbs, 2 years ago

This is the release of iproute2 corresponding to the 5.19 kernel. Usual array of small fixes.

There are still some warnings with gcc-12 that are caused by kernel header issues that need to be fixed upstream. Looks like they may make it into next release (6.0!).

  • l2tp: fix typo in AF_INET6 checksum JSON print
  • man: tc-ct.8: fix example
  • ip/iplink_virt_wifi: add support for virt_wifi
  • ip address: Fix memory leak when specifying device
  • bridge: Fix memory leak when doing 'fdb get'
  • mptcp: Fix memory leak when doing 'endpoint show'
  • mptcp: Fix memory leak when getting limits
  • ip neigh: Fix memory leak when doing 'get'
  • f_flower: Add num of vlans parameter
  • f_flower: Check args with num_of_vlans
  • f_flower: add number of vlans man entry
  • Update kernel headers
  • libbpf: Use bpf_objectload instead of bpf_objectload_xattr
  • libbpf: Remove use of bpf_programset_priv and bpf_programpriv
  • libbpf: Remove use of bpf_map_is_offload_neutral
  • Update kernel headers
  • devlink: introduce -[he]x cmdline option to allow dumping numbers in hex format
  • bpf_glue: include errno.h
  • bridge: vni: add support for stats dumping
  • libnetlink: Add filtering to rtnl_statsdump_req_filter()
  • ip: Publish functions for stats formatting
  • ip: Add a new family of commands, "stats"
  • ipstats: Add a "set" command
  • ipstats: Add a shell of "show" command
  • ipstats: Add a group "link"
  • ipstats: Add a group "offload", subgroup "cpu_hit"
  • ipstats: Add offload subgroup "hw_stats_info"
  • ipstats: Add offload subgroup "l3_stats"
  • ipmonitor: Add monitoring support for stats events
  • man: Add man pages for the "stats" functions
  • ip: ipstats: Do not assume length of response attribute payload
  • iplink: Fix formatting of MPLS stats
  • iplink: Publish a function to format MPLS stats
  • ipstats: Add a group "afstats", subgroup "mpls"
  • iplink: Add JSON support to MPLS stats formatter
  • ipstats: Add a third level of stats hierarchy, a "suite"
  • ipstats: Add groups "xstats", "xstats_slave"
  • iplink_bridge: Split bridge_print_stats_attr()
  • ipstats: Expose bridge stats in ipstats
  • ipstats: Expose bond stats in ipstats
  • man: ip-stats.8: Describe groups xstats, xstats_slave and afstats
  • ip: Convert non-constant initializers to macros
  • ip: Fix size_columns() for very large values
  • ip: Fix size_columns() invocation that passes a 32-bit quantity
  • bridge: vxlan device vnifilter support
  • ip: iplink_vxlan: add support to set vnifiltering flag on vxlan device
  • ip-link: put types on man page in alphabetic order
  • uapi: update socket.h
  • uapi: change name for zerocopy sendfile in tls
  • genl: fix duplicate include guard
  • tc: declaration hides parameter
  • uapi: update mptcp.h
  • uapi: update bpf.h
  • uapi: add vdpa.h
  • uapi: add virtio_ring.h
  • Revert "uapi: add vdpa.h"
  • vdpa: update uapi headers from 5.19-rc7
  • rdma: update uapi/ib_user_verbs.h
  • man: tc-fq_codel: Fix a typo.
  • man: tc-fq_codel: add drop_batch

comment:2 by Bruce Dubbs, 2 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

Fixed at commit 3bc662bc9e6848852de28346901330174040446a

Update to vim-9.0.0192.
Update to iana-etc-20220803.
Update to tzdata-2022b.
Update to iproute2-5.19.0.
Update to linux-5.19.1.
Update to bc-6.0.1.
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