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New point version.

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I'll run a jhalfs build with full tests today.

comment:2 by Xi Ruoyao, 11 months ago

5.2.8 (2022-11-13)


  • If xz cannot remove an input file when it should, this is now treated as a warning (exit status 2) instead of an error (exit status 1). This matches GNU gzip and it is more logical as at that point the output file has already been successfully closed.
  • Fix handling of .xz files with an unsupported check type. Previously such printed a warning message but then xz behaved as if an error had occurred (didn't decompress, exit status 1). Now a warning is printed, decompression is done anyway, and exit status is 2. This used to work slightly before 5.0.0. In practice this bug matters only if xz has been built with some check types disabled. As instructed in PACKAGERS, such builds should be done in special situations only.
  • Fix "xz -dc --single-stream tests/files/good-0-empty.xz" which failed with "Internal error (bug)". That is, --single-stream was broken if the first .xz stream in the input file didn't contain any uncompressed data.
  • Fix displaying file sizes in the progress indicator when working in passthru mode and there are multiple input files. Just like "gzip -cdf", "xz -cdf" works like "cat" when the input file isn't a supported compressed file format. In this case the file size counters weren't reset between files so with multiple input files the progress indicator displayed an incorrect (too large) value.


  • API docs in lzma/container.h:
    • Update the list of decoder flags in the decoder function docs.
    • Explain LZMA_CONCATENATED behavior with .lzma files in lzma_auto_decoder() docs.
  • OpenBSD: Use HW_NCPUONLINE to detect the number of available hardware threads in lzma_physmem().
  • Fix use of wrong macro to detect x86 SSE2 support. __SSE2_MATH__ was used with GCC/Clang but the correct one is __SSE2__. The first one means that SSE2 is used for floating point math which is irrelevant here. The affected SSE2 code isn't used on x86-64 so this affects only 32-bit x86 builds that use -msse2 without -mfpmath=sse (there is no runtime detection for SSE2). It improves LZMA compression speed (not decompression).
  • Fix the build with Intel C compiler 2021 (ICC, not ICX) on Linux. It defines __GNUC__ to 10 but doesn't support the __symver__ attribute introduced in GCC 10.
  • Scripts: Ignore warnings from xz by using --quiet --no-warn. This is needed if the input .xz files use an unsupported check type.


  • Updated Croatian and Turkish translations.
  • One new translations wasn't included because it needed technical fixes. It will be in upcoming 5.4.0. No new translations will be added to the 5.2.x branch anymore.
  • Renamed the French man page translation file from fr_FR.po to fr.po and thus also its install directory (like /usr/share/man/fr_FR -> .../fr).
  • Man page translations for upcoming 5.4.0 are now handled in the Translation Project.
  • Update doc/faq.txt a little so it's less out-of-date.

comment:3 by Xi Ruoyao, 11 months ago

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed for trunk at r11.2-198-ge354e5846. Leaving #5162 open for SA.

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