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New minor version.

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comment:1 by Bruce Dubbs, 9 months ago

20221231 6.4 release for upload to
   + update release notes
   + regenerate llib-* files. 
   + correct PS vs PE names in bracketed+paste (report by Bram Moolenaar)

   + add mutex lock/unlock in a few places reported by thread-sanitizer
   + add/use bracketed+paste to help identify terminals supporting this
     xterm feature (prompted by discussion with Bram Moolenaar) -TD

   + install Ada95 sample programs in libexecdir, adding a wrapper
     script to invoke those.

   + add minimal -h/-V getopt logic to the remaining test-programs.
   + free new_pair() data in delscreen (report by "magiblot").
   + add clarification of the scope of dynamic variables in terminfo(5).
   + remove a stray '/' from description of %g in terminfo(5).

   + add -h usage and -V version options to the test-programs which use
   + use "command -v" rather than "type" in Ada95/gen/ to fix
     a portability issue (patch by Nicolas Boulenguez).
   + update ncurses-howto, more documentation fixes along with corrections
     to example programs.

   + fix an error in pathname of explain.txt (cf: 20200201).
   + fix an error in "@" command in test/ncurses.c F-menu (cf: 20190121).
   + improve formatting of ncurses-intro.html and hackguide.html
   + improve man/curs_clear.3x links to other pages

   + use static libraries for AdaCurses test-package for Mageia, since no
     gprbuild package is available.
   + updated test packages for Debian.

   + build-fixes for AdaCurses RPM test-package.

   + regenerate configure scripts with autoconf 2.52.20221009
   + modify "--with-manpage-format" to support bzip2 and xz compression
     (prompted by discussion with Sam James).
   + modify scripts to make timestamps more predictable.

   + improve curs_slk.3x discussion of extensions and portability (report
     by Bill Gray).

   + change man_db.renames to template, to handle ncurses*-config script
     with the extra-suffix configure option.

   + fix another memory-leak in tic.
   + update install-sh script from autoconf, to fix install problem for
     Ada95 with Arch; as noted in
     there are unaddressed issues.
   + update CF_XOPEN_SOURCE, adding GNU libc suffixes for abi64, abin32,
     x32 (report by Sven Joachim):
   + correct ifdef's for _nc_set_read_thread() (patch by Mikhail Korolev,
     cf: 20220813).

   + correct a switch-statement case in configure script to allow for test
     builds with ABI=7.
   + modify misc/ to allow for the case where the library
     directory does not yet exist, since this is processed before doing an
     install (report by Michal Liszcz).

   + modify configure/scripts to work around interference by GNU grep 3.8
     (report by Sam James).
   + update CF_XOPEN_SOURCE, adding variants "gnueabi" and "gnueabihf" to
     get _DEFAULT_SOURCE special case (report by Adam Sampson)

   + modify configure macro CF_BUILD_CC to check if the build-compiler
     works, rather than that it is different from the cross-compiler, e.g.,
     to accommodate a compiler which can be used for either purpose with
     different flags (report by Mikhail Korolev).
   + fix another memory-leak in tic.
   + correct change for cppcheck in menu library (report/analysis by
     "tuxway", cf: 20220903).
   + update config.guess, config.sub

   + reduce memory-leak in tic by separating allocations for struct entry
     from TERMTYPE2 (cf: 20220430).
   + improve interaction between tic -v option and NCURSES_TRACE, by
     processing the latter only when -v option does not set _nc_tracing.
   + modify curses_trace() to show the trace-mask as symbols, e.g.,

   + amend verbose-option change to make this affect level 3, e.g., using
     "tic -cv3 terminfo".
   + work around musl's nonstandard use of feature test macros by adding
     a definition for NCURSES_WIDECHAR to the generated ".pc" and *-config
     files (report by Sam James).

   + modify verbose-option of infocmp, tic, toe to enable debug-tracing
     if that is configured.

   + modify configure scripts to use overlooked cases for LD and
     PKG_CONFIG variables (report by Alan Webb, Gentoo #866398).
   + modify nsterm to use xterm+alt1049 (report by Paul Handly) -TD
   + modify putty to use xterm+alt1049 -TD

   + fix some cppcheck warnings, mostly style, in ncurses and c++
     libraries and progs directory.
   + add curses_trace to ifdef's for START_TRACE in test/test.priv.h
   + update config.guess
   + modify delscreen to more effectively delete all windows on the given
   + amend portability note for delwin in manual page.
   + adapt test/test_delwin.c from example by Bill Gray.
   + account for prescreen data if freeing leaks in pthread-configuration
   + split-out _nc_set_read_thread(), to reduce compiler warnings about
     pthread_self(), which may/may not be a weak symbol.
   + improve pthread-configuration for test/worm.c

   + amend end_of_stream() to allow for input files without a final
   + check for non-textfiles to tic.

   + fixes to build with dietlibc:
     + add configure check for fpathconf (report by Georg Lehner).
     + add configure check for math sine/cosine, needed in test/tclock,
       and eliminate pow() from test/hanoi (report by Georg Lehner).
     + use wcsnlen as an alternative to wmemchr if it is not found
       (adapted from patch by Georg Lehner).
   + trim out some unwanted linker options from ncurses*config and .pc
     files seen in Fedora 36+.

   + add portability notes for delscreen and delwin in manual.
   + improve pthread-configuration for test/worm.c, test/rain.c
   + improve pointer/limit checks associated with deleting a screen
     (Debian #1015756).

   + build-fix for test_mouse.c, for non-standard cfmakeraw.
   + improve shell-scripts with shellcheck
   + fix typo in (report/patch by Jan Starke).

   + lock the prescreen data consistently in newterm, etc., for the
     pthreads configuration (report by Tom de Vries).

   + add consistency check in tic for u6/u7/u8/u9 and NQ capabilities.
   + use NQ to flag entries where the terminal does not support query and
     response -TD
   + use ansi+enq and decid+cpr in cases where the terminal probably
     supported the u6-u9 extension -TD
   + add/use apollo+vt132, xterm+alt47 -TD

   + improve man/curs_bkgd.3x, explaining that bkgdset can affect results
     for bkgd (report by Anton Vidovic).
   + correct dsl in dec+sl (report by Rajeev Pillai) -TD
   + add/use ansi+cpr, decid+cpr -TD

   + add a null-pointer check for term_names field in copy_termtype(),
     needed for MinGW port (report by Peiyuan Song, cf: 20220521).
   + revise kon/kon2/jfbterm to undo "linux2.6" change to
     smacs/rmacs/enacs (Debian #1012800) -TD
   + amended note for att610+cvis0, as per documentation for att610,
     att620, att730 -TD

   + modify waddch_literal() to allow for double-width base character when
     merging a combining character (report by Gavin Troy).
   + improve _tracecchar_t2() formatting of base+combining character.

   + add note on portable memory-leak checking in man/curs_memleaks.3x
   + remove u6-u9 from teken-2018 -TD
   + set "xterm-new" to "xterm-p370", add "xterm-p371" -TD

   + expanded notes for teken/syscons -TD
   + fix overlooked copying of extended string-heap in copy_termtype
     (cf: 20220430).
   + update config.guess

   + improve memory-leak checking in several test-programs.
   + set trailing null on string passed from winsnstr() to wins_nwstr().
   + modify del_curterm() to fix memory-leak introduced by change to

   + further improvements to test/test_mouse.c; compare with ncurses test
     program menu A/a.

   + add test/test_mouse.c (patch by Leonid S Usov).
   + add a few debug-traces for tic, fix a couple of memory-leaks.

   + build-fix for debug-traces

   + modify samples for xterm mouse 1002/1003 modes to use 1006 mode, and
     also provide for focus in/out responses -TD
   + modify default case in handle_wheel() to always report button-release
     events, e.g., for xterm mouse mode 1003 (patch by Leonid S Usov).
   + improve valid_entryname() to disallow characters used in terminfo
     syntax: '#', '=', '|', '\'.
   + alter copy_termtype() to allocate new str_table and ext_str_table
     data rather than relying upon its callers.
   + use calloc in _nc_init_entry() when allocating stringbuf, to ensure
     it is initialized.
   + add library-level TYPE_CALLOC for consistency with TYPE_MALLOC.
   + add some debug-traces for tic/infocmp.

   + in-progress work on invalid_merge(), disable it (cf: 20220402).
   + fix memory leak in _nc_tic_dir() when called from _nc_set_writedir().
   + fix memory leak in tic when "-c" option is used.

   + add a limit-check to guard against corrupt terminfo data
     (report/testcase by NCNIPC of China).
   + add check/warning in configure script if option --with-xterm-kbs is
     missing or inconsistent (Arch #74379).
   + add setlocale call to several test-programs.
   + allow extended-color number in opts parameter of wattr_on.

   + add test/test_unget_wch.c

   + amend extended_captype(), returning CANCEL if a string is explicitly
   + make description-fields distinct -TD

   + update teken -TD
   + add teken-16color, teken-vt and teken-sc -TD
   + add a few missing details for vte-2018 (report by Robert Lange) -TD

   + add xgterm -TD
   + correct setal in mintty/tmux entries, add to vte-2018 (report by
     Robert Lange)
   + add blink to vte-2018 (report by Robert Lange)
   + improve tic warning about XT versus redundant tsl, etc.

   + add xterm+acs building-block -TD
   + add xterm-p370, for use in older terminals -TD
   + add dec+sl to xterm-new, per xterm patch #371 -TD
   + add mosh and mosh-256color -TD

   + replace obsolescent "-gnatg" option with "-gnatwa" and "-gnatyg", to
     work around build problems with gnat 12.
   + update external links in Ada95.html
   + trim unused return-value from canonical_name().

   + fix issues found with coverity:
     + rewrite canonical_name() function of infocmp to ensure buffer size
     + corrected use of original tty-modes in tput init/reset subcommands
     + modify tabs program to limit tab-stop values to max-columns
     + add limit-checks for palette rgb values in test/ncurses.c
   + add a few null-pointer checks to help with static-analysis.
   + enforce limit on number of soft-keys used in c++ binding.
   + adjust a buffer-limit in write_entry.c to quiet a bogus warning from
     gcc 12.0.1

   + expanded description in man/resizeterm.3x
   + additional workaround for ImageMagick in test/picsmap.c

   + improve font-formatting in other manpages, for consistency.
   + correct/improve font-formatting in curs_wgetch.3x (patch by Benno

   + workaround in test/picsmap.c for use of floating point for rgb values
     by ImageMagick 6.9.11, which appears to use the wrong upper limit.
   + improve use of "trap" in shell scripts, using "fixup-trap".

   + minor updates for test-packages
   + improve handling of --with-pkg-config-libdir option, allowing for the
     case where either $PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR or the option value has a
     colon-separated list of directories (report by Rudi Heitbaum,
     cf: 20211113).
   + update kitty -TD
   + add ABI 7 defaults to configure script.
   + add warning in configure script if file specified for "--with-caps"
     does not exist.
   + use fix for CF_FIX_WARNINGS from cdk-perl, ignoring error-exit on
   + improve readability of long parameterized expressions with the
     infocmp "-f" option by allowing split before a "%p" marker.

   + improve checks for valid mouse events when an intermediate mouse
     state is not part of the mousemask specified by the caller (report by
     Anton Vidovic, cf: 20111022).
   + use newer version 1.36 of gnathtml for generating Ada html files.

   + add section on releasing memory to curs_termcap.3x and
     curs_terminfo.3x manpages.

   + improve markup, e.g., for external manpage links in the manpages
     (prompted by report by Helge Kreutzmann).

   + install ncurses-examples programs in libexecdir, adding a wrapper
     script to invoke those.
   + add help-screen and screen-dump to test/combine.c

   + add test/combine.c, to demo/test combining characters.

   + improve configure check for getttynam (report by Werner Fink).

   + fix errata in description fields (report by Eric Lindblad) -TD
   + add x10term+sl, aixterm+sl, ncr260vp+sl, ncr260vp+vt, wyse+sl -TD

   + add dim, ecma+strikeout to st-0.6 -TD
   + deallocate the tparm cache when del_curterm is called for the last
     allocated TERMINAL structure (report/testcase by Bram Moolenaar,
     cf: 20200531).
   + modify test-package to more closely conform to Debian multi-arch.
   + if the --with-pkg-config-libdir option is not given, use
     ${libdir}/pkgconfig as a default (prompted by discussion with Ross

   + fix memory-leak in delwin for pads (report by Werner Fink, OpenSUSE
     #1192668, cf:  20211106),

   + minor clarification to clear.1 (Debian #999437).
   + add xterm+sl-alt, use that in foot+base (report by Jonas Grosse
     Sundrup) -TD
   + improve search-path check for pkg-config, for Debian testing which
     installs pkg-config with architecture-prefixes.

   + improve check in misc/ for empty $PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR
   + modify wnoutrefresh to call pnoutrefresh if its parameter is a pad,
     rather than treating it as an error, and modify new_panel to permit
     its window-parameter to be a pad (report by Giorgos Xou).
   + fix a memory-leak in del_curterm (prompted by discussion with Bram
     Moolenaar, cf: 20210821).

   + simplify some references to WINDOWS._flags using macros.
   + add a "check" rule in Ada95 makefile, to help with test-packages.
   + build-fix for cross-compiling to MingW, conditionally add -lssp

   + corrected regex needed for older pkg-config used in Solaris 10.
   + amend configure option's auto-search to account for systems where
     none of the directories known to pkg-config exist

comment:2 by Bruce Dubbs, 9 months ago

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