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XZ Utils Release Notes

5.4.1 (2023-01-11)

  • liblzma:
    • Fixed the return value of lzma_microlzma_encoder() if the LZMA options lc/lp/pb are invalid. Invalid lc/lp/pb options made the function return LZMA_STREAM_END without encoding anything instead of returning LZMA_OPTIONS_ERROR.
    • Windows / Visual Studio: Workaround a possible compiler bug when targeting 32-bit x86 and compiling the CLMUL version of the CRC64 code. The CLMUL code isn't enabled by the Windows project files but it is in the CMake-based builds.
  • Build systems:
    • Windows-specific CMake changes:
      • Don't try to enable CLMUL CRC64 code if _mm_set_epi64x() isn't available. This fixes CMake-based build with Visual Studio 2013.
      • Created a workaround for a build failure with windres from GNU binutils. It is used only when the C compiler is GCC (not Clang). The workaround is incompatible with llvm-windres, resulting in "XZx20Utils" instead of "XZ Utils" in the resource file, but without the workaround llvm-windres works correctly. See the comment in CMakeLists.txt for details.
      • Included the resource files in the xz and xzdec build rules. Building the command line tools is still experimental but possible with MinGW-w64.
  • Visual Studio: Added stream_decoder_mt.c to the project files. Now the threaded decompressor lzma_stream_decoder_mt() gets built. CMake-based build wasn't affected.
  • Updated windows/INSTALL-MSVC.txt to mention that CMake-based build is now the preferred method with Visual Studio. The project files will probably be removed after 5.4.x releases.
  • Changes to #defines in config.h:
    • HAVE_DECL_CLOCK_MONOTONIC was replaced by HAVE_CLOCK_MONOTONIC. The old macro was always defined in configure-generated config.h to either 0 or 1. The new macro is defined (to 1) only if the declaration of CLOCK_MONOTONIC is available. This matches the way most other config.h macros work and makes things simpler with other build systems.
  • Tests:
    • Fixed test script compatibility with ancient /bin/sh versions. Now the five test_compress_* tests should no longer fail on Solaris 10.
    • Added and refactored a few tests.
  • Translations:
    • Updated the Catalan and Esperanto translations.
    • Added Korean and Ukrainian man page translations.

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