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New point version.

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comment:1 by Xi Ruoyao, 7 weeks ago

Hmm, the RELEASE-NOTES file in the tarball is still the release note for 1.46.5!

comment:2 by Xi Ruoyao, 7 weeks ago

Priority: normalhigh mentions CVE-2022-1304:

E2fsprogs 1.46.6 (February 1, 2023)

UI and Features

Debugfs's ncheck command now allows the inode number to be surrounded by angle brackets, to be consistent with other debugfs commands.

Debugfs no longer prints a scary message when debugfs -c (which enables "catastrophic mode") is used. This was intended to allow debugfs to operate on very badly corrupted file systems, but it is now sometimes used to suppress reading the block and inode bitmaps when they are not needed.

Resize2fs will round down the requested new file system size to the nearest cluster boundary when resizing bigalloc file systems.

Improve error messages issued by badblocks.

Fuse2fs now supports an offset= option which allows operating on a file system image which is located starting at the specified offset from the beginning of the image.


Pre-v6.2 Linux kernels had long-standing bug in how the extended attribute hash was calculated when there were non-ASCII characters in the xattr name, when the hash would be different depending on whether the C 'char' type was signed or unsigned. To address this bug, starting with e2fsprogs 1.46.6+ and Linux 6.2+, we will accept either the signed or unsigned hash variant, but only set the unsigned hash variant. Since extended attribute names are in practice composed of ASCII characters, other than various tests (such as generic/454), most users will hopefully not notice this change.

Avoid triggering udev in dumpe2fs and "resize2fs -P" for file systems with MMP enabled by opening the device read-only when reading the MMP block.

Fix MMP handling so it can notice when another writer has modify the MMP block out from under it when stopping a MMP sessions.

Fix tune2fs so it will detect another device stealing the MMP sessions while rewriting metadata checksums.

E2fsck will now check to make sure the journal inode does not have the encrypt flag set.

Fix a deadlock bug in e2fsck's error handler when there are errors trying to write to the file system.

Fix a bug where e2fsck could fail when specifying an undo file and an explicit superblock number.

Fix e2image so it won't potentially loop forever for certain invalid file systems.

Fix resize2fs to honor the E2FSPROGS_FAKE_TIME environment variable. This allows embedded system builders who use resize2fs as part of their image build process to create reproducible images.

Fix tune2fs to avoid a crash if the journal replay fails and to make sure its exit status is non-zero if there is some failure.

Fix tune2fs, fuse2fs, and debugsfs to update j_tail_sequence when replaying the journal.

Add additional bullet-proofing for very badly corrupted file systems. Try avoid UBSAN warnings, null pointer derferences, and other memory bugs. (Addresses CVE-2022-1304)

Don't fail when the source directory for mke2fs -d doesn't support extended attributese.

Check for and handle malloc() failures when computing the log filename in e2fsck and in the libss library.

Fix tune2fs and e2fsck to accept pathames which include '=' characters. Previously arguments to tune2fs and e2fsck which included '=' characters are presumed to be blkid specifiers such as UUID=xxx or LABEL=yyy. If a specifier is both a valid pathname name and blkid tag name specifier, priority is given to a blkid resolved pathname.

Improve tune2fs's error messages.

Fix a bug in tune2fs which could cause it to crash if device goes off-line just as it being opened.

Fix the fsck driver so if it is interrupted while running fsck -N it doesn't end up kllling all processes on the system.

Fix a crash in badblocks when the user specifies an overly large number of blocks tested at a time in read/write or nondestructive mode.

Update and clarify's chattr's man page and usage message. Fix spelling typo's in a variety of different man pages and comments.

Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.

Update to autoconf 2.71.

Update flags used to create shared library on Darwin/MacOS.

Speed up e2fsck's clonning of multiply-claimed blocks so it is substantially faster on very large file systems.

Add tests/fuzz directory with fuzzers from oss-fuzz.

Add a Github Actions configuration file so that Github will run CI tests on Linux, Windows and MacOS on a push to the e2fsprogs github repo.

Make the mtab parsing in ext2fs_check_mount_point() more careful so it won't get confused when a block device shows up in the mnt_name field for a virtual file system.

Fix the libss's Makefile to create the man page directory before trying to install its man page.

Fix various Coverity and compiler warnings.

Make tests more portable on various different OS's and system configurations (e.g., with SELinux enabled, MacOS, and Windows)

Use mallinfo2() instead of mallinfo() where avilable, since mallinfo() is deprecated on newer glibc versions.

E2fsck will no longer do a full scan of disconnected directory when trying to print the parent directory, which is pointless and can slow down e2fsck if there are a large number of disconnected directories.

Debugfs will now print the extended attribute's e_hash field.

Fix the setup-schroot script to work on non-Linux platforms.

Fix ext2fs_compare_generic_bmap() so it correctly compares all of the bits in the bitmap, and so that it works correctly when comparing a bitarray bitmap with a rbtree-based bitmap. (Fortunately, none of the programs in e2fsprogs uses bitmap comparison functions.)

Fix memory leaks on error paths.

Add support for the configure option --enable-largefile so that e2fsprogs can utilize largefile support for the MUSL C library.

Add an note that the dict library code has been modified, as required by the Kazlib license.

Synchronized changes from Android's AOSP e2fsprogs tree.

Updated config.guess and config.sub with newer versions from the FSF.

Add Friulian translation.

Update Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Malay, Polish, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, and Ukrainian translations.

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Grab both security updates

I'll kick off a jhalfs build at -j12 in a few minutes

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Issued SA-11.2-083

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