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fcron 2.9.5

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From version 2.9.4 to 2.9.5


Ported to HP-UX (thanks go to Scott Tinsley)


Implemented fcrondyn commands run and runnow.


Merged patch from Russell Coker for new SE Linux.


Merged debian/ dir for debian package.


Mail reports : put the same username in the To: field than the one we give

as recipient to the MTA. mailto can now also be a fully qualified email address.


changed a log message : a job which has ended without error is reported

has "completed" (which is more appropriated than "terminated").


Internal changes in log.c: code is more segmented, and code has been added

to be able to send log message to fcrondyn. Syslog messages are now never longer than MAX_MSG (even with string from strerror()).


Fixed a bug which happened on Daylight Time Save change on some systems.

It would make fcron run into a nasty infinite loop. Added a sanity check in set_nextexe() to avoid such things.


Fixed a crash bug: in 2.9.4, if a user run ls_exeq when a job is running

and has been removed from its fcrontab, it makes fcron crash.


Fixed a small bug : scripts were supposing perl was in /usr/bin.


Fixed a bug which caused the pid of a child process to be incorrectly read


fixed memory leak: some strings returned by log.c:make_msg() weren't

always free()d.


bug fix: fcrondyn commands renice and kill used not to handle correctly

the case where a job has several entries in exeq (exesev jobs).

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