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New version. Patch 331 - 2017/12/30

  • add workaround for improper grayscale adjustments made in FreeType library, exposed by changes to rounding in 2.8.1, which shows up as a gap in line-drawing characters (Debian #880407).
  • improve a special case where a non-Unicode font's line-drawing characters were not used, when specifying it via the utf8Fonts resource, e.g.,

-fs 15 \ -xrm '*VT100.font:12x24' \ -xrm '*VT100.boldFont:12x24' \ -xrm '*VT100.utf8Fonts.font: 12x24' \ -xrm '*VT100.utf8Fonts.boldFont: 12x24' \

  • replace constant 10msec delay for next X event with new resource nextEventDelay, and reduce that to 1msec to accommodate faster machines than used when -hold was implemented in 1999 (Debian #877628).
  • add scroll-to action, which simplifies binding a key to scroll to the beginning or end of the saved-lines (Debian #880120).
  • add building blocks for alternate screen and/or title-stack features in the terminfo file.
  • improve calculations for cell-data size.
  • change configure script to enable XHTML/SVG screen dumps by default.
  • change configure script to enable 256-colors by default.
  • update config.guess, config.sub
  • change configure script option for --with-man2html to use improved script by default.
  • add case for private mode 1044 in DECRQM, to report the keepClipboard resource setting and corresponding menu entry.
  • fix an inconsistency between private mode 12 (the AT&T 610 cursor blink) and DECSCUSR: the former relied on having the cursorBlink resource set initially to enable the escape sequence, while the latter does not.
  • add private modes 13 and 14, as well as resource cursorBlinkXOR to allow better control over the cursor-blinking state (discussion with Bram Moolenaar).
  • modify the html and svg screen dumps to support direct color
  • modify media copy (screen-printing) to support the same SGR codes as DECRQSS, including 88/256 indexed color as well as direct color.
  • improve options-parsing for script.
  • modify parsing of SGR direct-color control making color space identitier optional. The corresponding DECRQSS reply always returns an empty (default) field for the identifier.
  • add wide-attributes to DECRQSS reply for SGR.
  • add private mode 1046 to help with scripting applications.
  • correct expression used for readline-flags in DECRQM; to test the current flag rather than information stacked within the same variable.
  • correct typo in reference to ISO-8613-6 (patch by Mike Frysinger).
  • fix lintian warning for test-package.
  • fix typo in DECRQSS for SGR 48, which printed the foreground value for colors past 15. Also use colon delimiter for codes 38/48 in response (report by Paul LeoNerd Evans).
  • improve workaround for Debian #542434 by using the font's maximum width when no ISO-8859-1 glyphs are provided (Debian #879936).
  • work around a special case of Xft's mismanagement of its cached data by adding a check before the -report-fonts option to ensure that it does not use an XftPattern which may have been freed during a call to XftFontOpenPattern.
  • improve manual page description of regex option for onXClicks resources (report by Lukas Mai).
  • add directColor resource.
  • additional manpage macro cleanup (Brandon Robinson, Debian #880551).
  • add optional support for direct-colors (adapted from patch by anonymous “Nibby Nebbulous”).
  • improve legacy/NRC character set mapping (patch by Thomas Wolff):

+ enable alternate NRC set designators for French and French

Canadian, ‘9’ and ‘f’ respectively, as documented in ctlseqs. (‘9’ is documented for VT510, ‘f’ is a Kermit feature).

+ correct the Unicode value in the DEC Technical table to show

capital delta.

+ referring to

add entries for the DEC Supplemental Graphics table to display 0x28/0xa8 as ¤ and 0x5d/0xdd as Ÿ.

+ referring to

alter the Unicode values used for 0x2b through 0x2c to use curly braces to work with the “middle” parts displayed with 0x2f and 0x30.

+ modify the VT220 “Supplemental” table, giving a hint that it

was probably meant to be “Supplemental Graphics” and is the same as VT320's table.

  • quiet a few font-warnings when a derived fontname cannot be opened, overlooked in refactoring of font resources in patch #328 (initially reported on Cygwin mailing list, with followup).
  • correct error response for DECRQSS broken in cleanup of Coverity reports in patch #288 (reports by Bram Moolenaar and IWAMOTO Kouichi).
  • improve DECRPM responses by returning mode not recognized for modes which may not be settable due to the selected decTerminalID resource (report by IWAMOTO Kouichi).
  • correct logic for print-immediate action, and enable corresponding menu entry (patch by Lauri Tirkkonen).
  • add configure option --with-pcre2 (patch by David Michael).
  • fix a misspelled subsection title in and add a note regarding blink which was rendered as bold in X11R6. Blinking text was implemented in Patch #60.
  • fix typos in (patches by Sven Joachim, Larry Hynes).
  • fix typography in (patch by Bjarni Ingi Gislason, Debian #869248).
  • fix typo in INSTALL (Larry Hynes).
  • add xterm-direct terminal description based on changes introduced in patch #277, and relying upon ncurses RGB extension.
  • modify xterm-new terminal description to use ECMA-48 REP, reflecting its use in xterm since patch #32 (1996).
  • clarify comment in regarding blink: it has been part of xterm since patch #60 (1998).
  • update ftp URLs in documentation.

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