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daemontools-0.76: svscanboot contains /command/svc; telinit Q should come last

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  • The install commands still leave /command/svc in svscanboot.
  • mkdir /etc/service should come before telinit Q to avoid error messages

Revised commands:


cd admin/daemontools-0.76 && package/compile && cd package && sed 's|command|usr/sbin|' boot.inittab > boot.inittab~ && mv boot.inittab~ boot.inittab && cd ../command &&

sed 's|/command:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:
' svscanboot > svscanboot~ &&

sed 's|/service|/etc/service|g' svscanboot~ > svscanboot && sed 's|command|usr/sbin|' svscanboot > svscanboot~ && mv svscanboot~ svscanboot && cp * /usr/sbin && cd ../package && cat /etc/inittab boot.inittab > /etc/inittab~ && mv -f /etc/inittab~ /etc/inittab && mkdir /etc/service && telinit Q


So far the bugs. As I'm reporting anyway, I'd like to mention that I find the choice of /etc/service as the service directory an unhappy one:

One of the advantages of daemontools is that you can quickly control a daemon by typing e.g. svc -d /service/leafnode. If one uses /etc/service, one a) has to type more and b) TAB completion is hampered by the existence of the file /etc/services.

When I first installed daemontools, I also didn't like the creation of the /service directory. After trying out /etc/service and /etc/daemonservices, I finally put the configuration files for each daemon in /etc/<daemon> and linked that directory to /service. I think that is the cleanest solution.

Stefan Krah

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